Is there prejudice & bias against introverts?

In this extroverted world is there prejudice, bias and decimation against introverts in work and in modern western society in general? Modern western society is making massive leaps forward in fighting prejudices and discrimination against certain groups of people. These groups include race, gender, religious beliefs and even age. However there is another group of […]

Cognitive Bias Examples & Meaning

List of cognitive bias examples and what do they mean? plus the definition explained. Cognitive bias definition A cognitive bias is an inability to see and judge information, situations and people objectively and clearly due to one’s own preconceptions or biases. Cognitive biases are ways of thinking that work against rational thinking, making good decisions […]

Overcoming & Dealing with OCD

Do you have OCD? are you constantly checking things and wish you could stop? what are the symptoms and causes of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder which affects about  1 – 2 percent of the population. It causes someone to feel anxiety about something, for example leaving a household appliance […]