Sociopath vs Psychopath what’s the Difference?

Sociopath vs psychopath what’s the difference? They’re often confused with each other however they’re differences. This article explains the differences and traits of the Sociopath and Psychopath. Sociopaths and Psychopaths are very similar and share many similar traits. Psychopaths are considered to be sociopaths with more extreme traits. Antisocial personality disorder is a term used […]

Cognitive Bias Examples & Meaning

List of cognitive bias examples and what do they mean? plus the definition explained. Cognitive bias definition A cognitive bias is an inability to see and judge information, situations and people objectively and clearly due to one’s own preconceptions or biases. Cognitive biases are ways of thinking that work against rational thinking, making good decisions […]

Consistency Principle – Brainwashing

What is the consistency principle? and how has it been used to influence and brain wash people. What is the consistency principle? The consistency principle is when thoughts, thinking and ideas fall in line with repeated actions or words. It can be used as a powerful form of influence and considered the first steps in […]