What is Delayed Gratification?

Delayed gratification, what is it? will you be more successful in life for focusing on delayed gratification rather than instant gratification? What is delayed gratification It simply means choosing to delay gratification, in order to benefit the future. For example choosing not to buy something in the moment to prevent getting into debt to benefit […]

What is Social Psychology?

Social psychology is the study of how society and other people influence us and our personalities, and how others can affect what we do and generally how we live our lives. Social psychology is the study of our thoughts, emotions and general behavior. It largely covers how we humans are influenced or manipulated. Social influences […]

What is an Identity Crisis?

You may of heard it before, Identity, what is it and what triggers an identity crisis? What is Identity? Your identity is basically who you are, your personality, your values, your beliefs, knowledge of one’s own skills and abilities. it’s also related to personal self-esteem. Personal identity is also known as Sense of Self. What […]