Toxic Behaviours That Will Prevent Your Success

Are you doing certain things or toxic behaviours that are destroying your chances of getting what you want?

Toxic Behaviours That Will Prevent Your Success

It can be difficult trying to stay on the straight and narrow, things can get in the way and take us off our paths and toxic behaviours can set in.

What is Toxic Behaviour?

Toxic behaviour is negative, petty, small mindedness, acting on negative emotions and generally doing and saying things that hurt others and ourselves. Even if we don’t act upon negative thoughts and feeling their excessive presence in our minds can still be harmful to us.

Common Toxic Behaviours

Excessive Worrying

It can be good to be cautious and to understand possible dangers. However worrying excessively about something that will probably never happen just reduces the quality of our lives. It’s just a waste of energy and it causes unnecessary stress. It can be hard to manage, I find a little positive self talk can work wonders.

Thinking Negatively

This is about thinking the worst in every situation and thinking negatively of other people and themselves. Sometimes people just get into the habit of doing this, if you have a lot of negative people around you they can effect your mind set.

You are far less likely to succeed or even try something if you always focus on the possible negative outcomes. Instead learn to see the positives, almost all situations have a positive side. If you fail at something don’t focus on that failure instead focus on that positives that can come from it. For example a positive to come from a failure is the lesson that can be learned by that failure, those failures can lead to wisdom and future success.


Gossiping is something most of us do at some time or another. Much of it is harmless however it often involves putting someone down, talking bad about them. It’s easy to do and can lead to a sense of superiority or a cheap ego boost. Doing this shows that you are lacking something in your life, it’s a small minded habit that does more harm than good to the person doing it.

Being a Victim

It’s never their fault, they are always the victim of somebody else, never taking responsibility for the bad things that happen to them. It’s better to admit a mistake you make than to simply blame somebody else. What makes a victim worse is that they are always so eager to tell everybody about their unfortunate life which just makes people avoid talking to them so they are not brought down by them.

Holding a Grudge

It’s wasted energy holding a grudge or hating someone. If you have too much hate in your heart you become your own worst enemy and kill your soul. The best revenge of all is to not let them effect you and to be successful.

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