What is Gratitude? – Be More Grateful

Gratitude can be a powerful thing, It has the power to make us happy. What is gratitude and can we choose to be grateful?

will gratitude make you happy

Gratitude can either be a conscious thought or an unconscious emotion, it’s the appreciation or thanks of something or someone.

Being grateful for things in our lives is a very productive and positive state of mind. Your emotions effect your thinking and your thinking effects your emotions.

Types of Gratitude

The first type is usually brief, it is expressed when somebody does a simple good gesture, for example somebody opening the door for you, or getting a birthday card. It may last longer depending on the situation like surviving a life threatening situation.

The other type is more general and long term. It’s connected to how people think, a person with a generally positive attitude will usually feel more gratitude than someone who thinks more negatively.

Increasing our levels of gratitude

Being grateful often requires a certain amount of awareness of our selves, other people and also what is going on around the world.

One way to feel more grateful is to focus on the good things that we have rather than the things that we do not have.

It can be a conscious choice to be grateful and it can mean the difference between being happy and sad.

It you want to become more grateful or happy simply start to appreciate the things that you currently have, this could be being in good health, having good friends, family, owning your own home or other personal possessions. To help you start appreciating what you have you should change your focus from the people that have more than you and focus on those that have a lot less.

The effects that this change of focus can have can be dramatic. A simple change of perspective can have a great effect on our current state of minds.

Popular societal beliefs and attitudes play a role in our thinking, society indirectly tells us how to live and what is valued, and we can get carried away trying to achieve more than others. This is very true with the wealthy, they have everything that money can buy yet they still want more, they may not be grateful for what they have, instead they focus on what they still don’t have. This is largely to do with why there is only a small connection between wealth and happiness.

So the next time you are feeling sad or down, focus on the good things that you have in life, you may be surprised by the effect that is has on your mood.

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