Adolf Hitler Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

We are investigating the personality type of one of the most well known and infamous people in human history, Adolf Hitler. What is his MBTI personality type, and his big five traits?

Adolf Hitler Personality Type

Adolf Hitler lived from 1889-1945. He was born in Austria and moved to Germany in his early twenties. He served in the German army in the First World War. He was a German politician and leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler rose to power as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and became the leader one year later, in 1934.

Adolf Hitler Personality Type – Big Five


Hitler seemed high in openness. He had a strong appreciation for art and he was a painter himself. He applied twice to be accepted into the Fine Arts Academy in Vienna. He also had an interest in Architecture. His interest in politics suggests big picture thinking, philosophy, and generally an interest in ideas. These all suggest he was high in the trait of openness.


Hitler had a busy and productive life. He seemed motivated to attain achievement, which suggests high conscientiousness. He was particularly high in the orderliness aspect or sub-trait. High orderliness is connected to the emotion of disgust, which has been linked to more conservative views, including closing borders, purity, cleanliness, and perfectionism. It has also been linked to black and white thinking and being judgemental.


Most sources suggest that he was low in extroversion, labelling him as an introvert. For the moment I will go with this, but I don’t think he was an extreme introvert, perhaps just tilting over to that side of the scale.


I will definitely have to go with being very low in agreeableness. When engaging in war and attempts at genocide, I can’t help but think that compassion and empathy weren’t his primary motivators.

His interest in military tactics suggests a more tactically and logically driven individual, rather than being led by his emotions. He likely had a strong interest in things over people.


Hitler was quite possibly psychopathic. It’s hard to believe that anybody that did what he did could have much of a conscience. His inability to be empathic and to show compassion suggests he was very low in the trait of neuroticism. Being able to deal with pressure and positions of great responsibility and power also suggest this.

Adolf Hitler Personality Type – MBTI

Adolf Hitler was likely an INTJ. He was nudging over to introversion, big picture thinking and high levels of creative admiration suggest (Intuitive). Direct, cold, and tactically minded suggests a strong thinking type. He also seemed quick to judge, showed black and white thinking with a very strong desire for planning and a need for order makes him a judger.

Personality Disorders

Some have speculated that he may have had the following personality disorders. Antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, (grandiose self-importance), and psychopathic.

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