Are we living in a soft society?

Truth & Illusions Quote NietzscheHere in the UK and many other countries society seems to be getting softer and softer. Are we better off with a softer society or is political correctness going out of control and harming us and our societies?

Civilized Society?

In an ideal world everybody would be treated equally and fair and this would be the standard, this is the criteria for a civilized society, which is what much of the world is striving to be.

Fairness certainly seems like the right way to go, however there are many examples in our so called civilized societies which are certainly not fair. For example some people are able to live comfortable lives on the welfare system claiming benefits that can equal or even exceed the salaries of some working people. Is this fair?

It’s reasonable and civilized to offer financial support to those that find themselves temporary not employed so they can pay the rent, feed their families and not lose their homes, to give them time to get back into employment. The trouble is people take advantage of the system and the government is now allowing those that have self inflicted conditions such as obesity to claim benefits, talk about a soft society! We certainly don’t live in a fair society when some of us have to work and others can seemingly get away with doing nothing.

Political Correctness

We also see the effects of this soft society in our schools and in the justice system. We have school teachers becoming afraid of their students and increasing reports of teachers even being bullied and attacked in the class room due to their lack of power over their students, they are simply unable to discipline them. We also have the courts becoming more and more lenient on criminals with sentences being reduced and the conditions in the prisons themselves getting more comfortable.

We still have freedom of speech yet it seems to be restricted and controlled by political correctness. Political correctness seems to be over compensating for past inequalities, for example racism and sexism. The illusion of political correctness is to support equality, fairness and overall civilized behavior. However it’s leading to a different type of unfairness and the truth is, not everybody should be treated equal because they are not equal, some people contribute more to our society than others, therefore they are not equal.

This whole political correctness issues seems to be getting out of control, all it is doing is giving some people a false sense of living in a civilized society which prevents us from truthfully expressing our opinions.

So are we living in a soft society?

Yes, although some of the pressures of this soft society are already putting pressure on an already strained economy, with the benefits/welfare system and health service demanding huge funding to maintain.

Things are getting out of hand and we can’t even be honest anymore because somebody might get offended. The whole thing is a massive contradiction and people will always be offended and get hurt, there are too many people and too many opinions.

Maybe one day the human race will become truly civilized and fair but that day will be many years from now, so lets stop pretending that we live in a fair civilized society because it’s only a delusion that we currently do.



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