Personality Traits of People who like White

What is the meaning, motivations and personality of someone who likes the colour white, including wearing it, driving a white car, owning a white phone or with interior design? Meanings of the colour white The colour white is associated with the following influences and meanings. Heaven, clouds, the light side, pureness, snow, winter, cold, clean/sterile, […]

Why Do I Like Horror Movies?

Ever wondered why you like Horror/Scary movies? What is the psychology of the horror movie fan, plus do they have common personality traits? I will be using the Myers Briggs Type indicator and the Big Five Traits personality models, plus other psychological motivations and concepts to try and explain it. Why do so many people […]

What’s Your Colour Personality?

Can your favorite colour reflect your personality traits? The psychology of colours is broader and more complex than most people think. Psychology in this area doesn’t just cover the influences that colours can have on us, it also digs into the connections people have to certain colours, and also the motivations for people choosing particular […]

Good vs Bad Diversity

Much of the western world has gone diversity mad, which is mostly a bad thing because of the type of diversity that is being focused on. Good diversity does exist, however it has nothing to do with race, gender or other identity groups. Bad Diversity Unfortunately the type of diversity that many Politician’s and Companies […]