The Chemical Garden MBTI Personality Types

Looking into and listing the Myers Briggs Personality Types of The Chemical Garden characters. What are the closest MBTI matches to the characters?

The Chemical Garden MBTI

The Chemical Garden is a trilogy of books written by Lauren DeStefano. It’s set in a world where failed attempts at genetic manipulation have resulted in the human race only having a life span of between 20 and 25 years. It’s a world where poverty and crime have gone out of control, and scientists are desperately seeking to reverse the damage that has been done to human genetics.

The series deals with themes of love, loss, identity, and survival in a dystopian society. The Chemical Garden series has been praised for its strong and complex characters, as well as digging into sensitive personal issues and societal expectations.

The Chemical Garden MBTI Character Personalities

Rhine Ellery ISFP

Rowan Ellery INTJ

Jenna Ashby ISFP

Cecily Ashby ESFP

Linden Ashby ISFJ

Rose Ashby ESFP

Reed Ashby ENTP

Vaughn Ashby ENTJ

Deirdre ESFJ

Gabriel ISFJ

Silas ISTP

Madame Soleski ESFP


Grace Lottner aka Lilac ENFJ