Demonization & Intolerance of Certain Political Views

There is something very worrying going on in modern western societies. There is a demonization and intolerance of those who have moderate and perfectly acceptable, however, differing political views.

Demonization political views.

Persecution for your Group Identify

We all have various different identities. We have an individual identity, plus we belong to various group identities. Example, group identities; race, religion, gender, and sexuality are the most common. Political views are also a type of group identity, whether someone has conservative or liberal views.

Political Persecution

The demonization of certain political views (conservative) gives justification to the persecution and discrimination of those that tilt more towards the conservative side of the political spectrum. A recent example is the closing of the bank accounts of people with certain political views.

It’s the persecution and demonization of a group of people. Just like the Jews were demonized and persecuted in Nazi Germany. It may not have gone to the extremes of attempted genocide. However, it’s the same type of thinking, and that is the demonization, scapegoating, and persecution of a group.

The far left has simply changed the group target. This is why most who call themselves progressives are not actually progressive. They are still targeting groups, they have simply changed the group. It’s changed from say the group of race, to those with certain political view points.

A true progressive that was educated in history and genuine in their motives would be trying to move away from group and identity politics, and focus more on individual differences.

In Contrast

Things have tilted so far over to the left, that even centralists, by contrast, get called far right. In part, things have tilted so far to the left because of the really simple and uninformed belief that the left is good, and the right is bad.

This seems to have happened because many people are aware at some level of what happened during World War 2, and the evils of the far-right Nazis. However, the evils of the far left are less well known, and perhaps less easy to see when the left goes too far. An example of far-left governments would include the Soviet Union, and current day Venezuela. Plus, any country that tried to implement Marxist ideas.    

Attack on Democracy

To attack one side of the political spectrum is to attack democracy. In the UK, certain people are having their bank accounts closed due to their political views. These political views are not extreme. Many are centralist views, either tilting slightly over to the left, or to the right. This is simply political persecution and an outright attack on democracy.

The far left has attempted to and had some success with demonizing their political opposition. This has happened because far-left-leaning views have become so dominant in areas of education, big businesses, mainstream media, and politics. It is like a mental disease that has spread throughout western society.      

Final Thoughts

Extremism seems to thrive in part because people tend to go with the flow on a lot of these issues. They don’t have the time, inclination, or interest to really look into things and analyse them. So, in a sense, they let others do the thinking for them.

Now certain views have become demonized, people are also afraid to express their often perfectly reasonable views. People are also subject to conformity, and are afraid of alienation, and perhaps having their bank accounts closed.

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