ENTJ Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

Personality traits, strengths and weaknesses of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) type the Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judger (ENTJ).

ENTJ Personality Type

This type is out going, socially confident, assertive and generally positive, they often crave attention from the group. They’re also very logical and good at being unbiased and objective with their thinking. They’re also likely to be sensitive to seeking impulsive pleasures.

In terms of careers and jobs they would be suited to work that involved a lot of social interaction, so education based perhaps. They also gravitate to management and leadership roles, they have a desire to take charge.

Appearance wise they are more likely to be adventurous and unconventional with they dress dense, which may show itself from time to time. You may also see this with their language and how they talk. They’re likely to have a large vocabulary, often using unique words and being creative with language.   


  • Dominate – Thinking
  • Auxiliary – Intuition
  • Tertiary – Sensing
  • Inferior – Feeling

ENTJ Strengths

Friendly & Positive

They tend to be out going, talkative and energetic. As an extrovert they’re also high in positive emotion, this tends to make them charismatic people.


High extroversion and positive emotion also means that they’re naturally confident, people tend to listen to, and gravitate towards them.


Once a goal is in mind they will become extremely determined to achieve that goal. They will be very resilient to set backs; if they’re knocked down, they will get back up and keep fighting until they win or achieve their goal.


With dominate thinking they’re strong with logic and reason, they naturally see things objectively, they have the ability to put aside personal biases.

ENTJ Weaknesses


Sometimes their natural confidence will move into the realms of arrogance. It doesn’t take much to push beyond a healthy level of confidence, and for it to reach unhealthier levels (arrogance).

Harsh & Blunt

Their natural preference for logic, and strong desire for efficiency can mean they can be very straight taking. They prefer to be truthful, even if that truth is potentially hurtful to others, emotions may-be pushed to the side. They may also prioritize their desire for efficiency before social niceties.

Quick to Judge

They’re often quick to make judgements of situations and people, and once their mind is made it can be very difficult to change.

Lacks Emotional Control

Emotions are not their strong suit, most of the time they’re absent of emotion. However during stressful situations their emotions can protrude and become problematic. This is due to (Feeling) being their inferior function; this will likely develop and improve as they get older.