ESFJ Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

Taking a look at the myers briggs type indicator (MBTI) type the extroverted sensing feeling judger (ESFJ) general character traits, strengths and weaknesses.

ESFJ Personality Type

The ESFJ type are very much focused on people, they will generally be upbeat due to their high levels of positive emotion, this positive emotion makes them very approachable and social. They enjoy small talk and are likely to be the one to start a conversation. They’re also high in reward sensitivity, so very tempted by impulsive pleasures.

They are very much suited to jobs that involve dealing with people, and the care of people. Example jobs include, working in sales, customer service, public relations, and caring and nursing positions. They will also be ideal for jobs or positions that require good observational and organisational skills.

They will often be meticulous in the way they dress, mostly conservative and traditional, however they are likely to be adventurous with wearing brighter colours. When it comes to movies and books they like stories that focus on people and relationships, a good romance story for example.


  • Dominate – Feeling
  • Auxiliary – Sensing
  • Tertiary – Intuition
  • Inferior – Thinking

ESFJ Strengths

Social & Friendly

They are a very friendly, welcoming and social personality type. They will get on well with most people, and not likely to cause frictions or confrontation. They will be motivated to create harmony and stability within a group.

Detail Orientated

They’re good at paying attention to the details, with naturally good observational skills. They’re good at jobs that require a good eye for the smaller details, or specifics.


With feeling as their dominate function, it means they’re always in-tune with their emotions, their feelings are always present with them. Because of this, they are always considering the feelings of others, which naturally makes them more compassionate.

Good Workers

They tend to take their work seriously; they’re organised and orderly and will often be attracted to managerial roles, especially with them being extroverted.

ESFJ Weaknesses

Rigid Thinking

Their thinking tends to be rigid and inflexible, not particularly creative as their thinking follows a straight path, and they struggle to deviate from that path.

Social Status Seeking

They have a strong outward focus which comes from being extroverted, which means they can be at risk from shallow status seeking.

Not Always Honest

As feeling is their dominate function, they prefer to tell white lies rather than hurting someone’s feelings. It also makes them more likely to be politically correct.

Can Lack Logic & Objectivity

Thinking is their inferior function, which means logic and reason is not their strong point. They probably have no interest in analytical thinking or statistics, emotions rule.

Avoids Conflict

They tend to avoid confrontation at all costs, this includes disliking competition. They just want to cooperate and for everyone to get along. They’re less likely to stand up for themselves, or ask for pay rises. For this reason they can sometimes become scapegoats. Others may also take credit for their work, because they know they will get away with it.