How Failure & Ego Can Turn to Evil Acts

How failures, ignorance, and ego can possibly result in bad deeds, and even result in evil acts and behaviours?

Brain locked in a cage.


Failure is a part of life, and everybody fails. Some fail more than others, but no one is exempt. The healthy way of dealing with failure is to accept it and learn from it, therefore preventing that particular failure from happening again. However, some people will not accept the idea that they have failed, or that they are wrong.


Let’s say that someone has a strategy for being a parent, and that strategy is to be very strict with their children. They believe this strategy will make their children good, controlled, and responsible people. They may use very harsh punishments when one of their children does something wrong.

Let’s say this strategy is not working. Their children are not behaving as planned. The parent could start to think that their strategy or method is flawed, and look for another strategy. Or perhaps they could continue to believe that their strategy was right. However, the problem was that they were not strict enough. So, they need to up that strictness level. If it’s taken too far, then their strategy of harshness and strictness could start to escalate to something more serious, like child abuse.

This shows a lack of flexibility in their thinking, and stubbornness, probably partly from having too much ego. They are unwilling to consider that they could be wrong. This may also in part stem from having limited experience and knowledge on a subject. Their minds have not broadened to consider different possibilities. This is related to the Dunning Kruger effect. This can be countered with education, and opening up their minds to different ideas and ways of thinking. Some people really seem to have difficulty with this broadening of the mind.

Expansion of this idea

This could be applied to business, politics, and pretty much anywhere. How many countries have deteriorated into over-regulated authoritarian countries because of their ignorant, stubborn governments and leaders? Those who thought they knew more than they actually did, and were unwilling to change.

The solution to their failing strategy was simply doing more of the same. If it’s not working, then they need more control and regulations to impose their failing plan. When it still doesn’t work, then scapegoats are searched for and targeted. They have to blame someone, but, of course, not themselves.

Everyone suffers due to the ignorance, ego, lack of thinking, corruption, and stubbornness of a small minority of those who are in power.

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