Good Qualities Women Want In Men

What are good qualities and traits in a man that women often look for when seeking a partner, and also what they consider to be a real man?

Good Qualities Women Want In Men

Many of these qualities will be obvious and even though these will apply to most women the difference will be in what order they will get prioritized. Just like psychology preferences which determine what motivates us the most, the most important preferences or qualities will differ from person to person, or in this case women to women.

This list of qualities or traits has been constructed using personal experience and research that has been conducted from around the world.

Good Qualities Women want in Men


This is an honest and general kindness and generosity, for example showing kindness to strangers and animals, rather than being kind to a particular person or wanting something in return.

Honesty & Reliability

There is a time and a place for everything and sometimes telling people what they want to hear can be supportive. However generally being honest and straight talking will gain respect, and in this day and age it can be a rare and desirable quality and so is being reliable. Don’t say you will do something or be somewhere with no intention of making good on your promise.


Often women feel afraid and worry about being physically attacked, many women want to feel that their man can protect them if it comes to it. Protection also applies when it comes to money as well, feeling financially secure and protected is one reason why some women are attracted to men with money.

Sense of Humor

One of the more commonly known ones. A good sense of humor implies good mental health and a good positive outlook on the world. Being able to make someone laugh is a powerful thing, everyone wants to feel good, and if you can trigger those feel good emotions it can be a powerful tool.

Passion & Dreams

Having a passion and a goal to aim for is a likable trait, a desire to grow and do better is also linked to protection.

Caring & Sensitivity

This can be caring and showing sensitivity to others, animals and even the environment. The more you care about something, and show emotions about it, the more likely you are to try and protect it.

Physical Fitness

Being in good physical shape says more about someone than you probably realize. It’s a sign of good physical health and also mental health. Being in good shape can show you have your priorities in check, it can also be a sign of a healthy balanced life style, maturity and longevity.


Intelligence can be a very impressive and likable trait, intelligence often means you have the ability to achieve good things and to be successful, which is a desirable quality. It can also imply that someone is interesting and even mysterious.

Word of warning! Many intelligent people often use the fact that they are more intelligent, or have more knowledge than others to look down on other people to feel superior, to boost their ego. This may have the opposite effect.

Fun & Playfulness

Being able to have fun is a very human and healthy trait. A little playfulness shows a degree of balance to the ego, and good mental health.

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