How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think

Do you wish you didn’t care so much about what other people think of you? You might find better success and satisfaction in life if you didn’t care so much about other peoples opinions.

Some people believe caring what other people think is a good thing, in some ways it can be. However, overall it can do more harm than good.

If someone cares too much about what others think it can prevent them from trying something ambitious. Because if they fail, other people may see them as a failure. This example is obviously a limitation.

Another way it limits us is that sometimes a need to please other people takes the focus off what we really want and puts the focus on everybody else. If we are too busy being focused on others, how will we ever achieve our goals?

Even the way we dress and the car we drive can be affected by what others may think. “I like this sports car but what will others think of it or me, how will I be judged? I better play it safe and go for something more conventional instead” It stops us from being us and expressing ourselves fully.

Perhaps at times it can be better to consider the opinions of others, it could lead to less stress, criticism and even ridicule. While this may be a strong motivator for many it can also lead to frustration at not being able to live the lives we truly desire deep down.

How to stop caring about what other people think

People don’t actually care what you do anyway

Don’t worry so much about other people judging you because it’s not as often as you think. Most other people are just as concerned about how they are being judged by others. The truth is most people are so preoccupied by what others think of them that they are not judging you.

Because of the way our egos work we tend to think that we are the center of attention and everybody is always thinking about us,(egocentric) which is just not true.

Not everybody is going to like you or the things you do

Except this simple truth that not everyone is going to approve of you and your decisions. You could try to start your own business, some people will praise you for it and admire your ambition, others will be cynical and may even ridicule you for it.

You could get into fitness and get yourself in great shape. Some people will congratulate you for it while others will always look to see the negative. You may get labeled as shallow or even narcissistic for taking pride in your appearance or simply wanting to stay fit and healthy.

Trying to please everybody is just exhausting and impossible so don’t even try it.

Trying to please people actually leads to being judgedNot caring about what others think. Quote

If you are always trying to please people there will be some people that will criticize you for it, labeling you as a push over or perhaps even dishonest for not being yourself. People may start to not value your opinions because they know you are just telling them what they want to hear, so your words cannot be trusted.

It all comes down to what you really want, to just fit in with the majority and try and please as many people as possible. Or to fully express yourself and to see how high you can fly if you are not restricted by popular opinion or conventional thinking. See benefits of not fitting into society.

It’s important to fit in and work well with others. However, you may be sacrificing more than you know if you only focus on what others think.




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