ISFJ Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

What are the general traits, strengths and weakness of the Introverted Sensing Feeling Judger (ISFJ) or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

ISFJ Personality Type

The ISFJ type is generally reserved and quiet in temperament. With dominate sensing they’re very practical in nature, and always living in the moment. They tend to like traditions and have conservative values. They’re also compassionate, caring and show a strong interest in people, genuinely wishing to help others without seeking too much attention or reward, these are potentially one of the few true altruistic types.

Dominate sensing makes them very suited to jobs that require a very strong eye and memory for the details, and general awareness. Auxiliary feelings makes them very in-tune with their emotions, however with some strong ability to be analytical and logical. This combination makes them suited to health care professionals, and education. They’re also likely to volunteer for charity work.

Exterior wise, they would probably dress conventionally, including wearing darker, or none attention grabbing colours. They will generally be very neat, with well ironed cloths, and generally well put together and tidy. For entertainment they like stories and movies that are generally realistic, often based on true events. They have a strong interest in people and relationships, which means they probably like a good romance story.


  • Dominate – Sensing
  • Auxiliary – Feeling
  • Tertiary – Thinking
  • Inferior – Intuition

ISFJ Strengths


They naturally pay attention to the details, and will remember many of those details very well. They will also pick up on imperfections and subtle changes due to the direct connection to their sensory inputs, giving them great sensory perceptive ability.


They can handle tasks that require practical skills very well; they will even enjoy performing such tasks. They will often volunteer to help friends and family with practical jobs.


Their emotions are often directing their motivations and choices. They consider the feelings of others, and they have a strong desire to help those that they believe are in need.


They are psychologically driven to achieve order and organisation. Being disorganized, or having something out of place can make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Hard Workers

They’re conscientious, highly driven to complete jobs or projects. They take their professional responsibilities very seriously, very loyal and committed to their work and responsibilities.

ISFJ Weaknesses

Small Picture Thinkers

They focus on the smaller details, and neglect bigger picture issues. This is problematic when it comes to seeing patterns and connections on a larger scale.

None Creative

They’re conventional, traditional and conservative. This is not a combination of character traits that encourages creativity, and out of the box thinking.


They’re quick to form opinions and make decisions, and they tend to see things, and think in a straight line. It can be difficult for them to change their mind when opinions or ideas are formed. They are likely to be slow to adapt to a changing environment or situation.


Introverts are usually less assertive in nature. Plus ISTJs they tend to focus on forming relationships, therefore avoiding confrontation. Confrontation makes them very uneasy; they just want everyone to get along. They can sometimes be taken advantage of, and often overlooked for job promotions and pay raises.