Joe Rogan Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

Today we are digging into the personality type of Joe Rogan. What is his MBTI type, and where does he come on the big five personality traits scale?

Jeo Rogan personality type MBTI & big five.

Joe Rogan trained in martial arts, and became a commentator for the UFC. He also performed as a comedian, and he has a podcast which has the world’s largest audience. On his podcast he is well-known for having a wide variety of guests on, with people from both sides of the political spectrum.

Joe Rogan Personality Type – Big Five


I think Joe Rogan is high on openness on the big five. He is open to various different opinions, wanting to hear different sides of a story before forming an opinion. He is clearly intellectually curious, open to different ideas and possibilities.


I think he is very high in conscientiousness. He is hard working, and highly values traits such as discipline and industriousness. This is very obviously from his interest in fitness, martial arts, and also his business and career achievements.


Joe Rogan is on the higher end of the extroversion scale. He comes across as confident, assertive, friendly, and generally positive. He has a high activity level, and has somewhat of a thrill-seeking and reward-seeking personality.  


I would place him on the lower end of the agreeableness scale. He is competitive, sometimes combative; he seems relatively comfortable with confrontation. He is not afraid to call someone out or challenge them when he thinks they are in the wrong.


Joe seems to be able to handle stress and pressure well. This is apparent from his ability to perform well when under pressure as a stand-up comedian, UFC commentator, and as a podcaster that gets viewed by millions of people. He seems to be low on anxiety, self-consciousness, and generally low on negative emotion.

Joe Rogan Political Views

Joe Rogan has personality elements of both liberalism and conservatism. High openness is a predictor of liberal and left-leaning views. High consciousness is a predictor of more conservative and right-leaning views. When it comes to the economy, he tilts more to the right, and when it comes to traditions, free speech, and self-expression he’s more left-leaning.    

Joe Rogan Personality Type – MBTI

On the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), as a best guess, Joe Rogan is likely an ESTP. So, he is on the extroverted side of the scale. He’s sharp, and lives in the moment, making him a sensing type. Joe is straight talking, competitive, and mostly disagreeable. This correlates with being a thinker type. He does have some traits that are more associated with a judger type, such as, being a hard worker and showing high levels of discipline. However, he seems less restricted by rules and conformist views and attitudes. So, more of a perceiver type.

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