Michael Jackson Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

Today we are analysing Michael Jackson’s personality type, using the MBTI, and the big five personality traits. I will also be using other forms of relevant psychology, and some personal views on the type of person that he was and his mental health in general.

Michael Jackson personality type.
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Michael Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and song writer. He is one of the most famous and recognised people in recent times, and considered a major significant cultural figure and influencer. Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, 1958, on the 29th of August.

His music career began at a very young age in the Jackson 5, which was formed and managed by his father. When Michael Jackson eventually went solo, he achieved immense success and recognition. He sold over 750 million records across the globe. Some of Michael Jackson’s most recognised work include his albums, Bad and Thriller.

Michael Jackson Personality Type – Big Five


Michael Jackson would definitely be high in certain aspects of trait openness. This would be the creative and interest in aesthetics aspect of trait openness. He was also a very unique and eccentric person. This includes the way he dressed. This desire for uniqueness can also be an indicator of high openness.  


I will have to go with Michael Jackson being somewhere in the middle of the trait conscientiousness scale. He obviously achieved a great deal throughout his career. However, because he had great passion for his work and art, this passion was likely a strong motivator and reason for his achievement.

Michael was known for being obsessed with perfection when rehearsing for his performances. This suggests he could have been high in the orderliness aspect of conscientiousness. High orderliness is associated with perfectionism, the emotion of disgust and OCD.

Having his own theme park suggests (Neverland Ranch) he also had a strong interest in play and recreation.     


Michael Jackson came across as quiet and a little bit on the timid or non-assertive side when he spoke. This suggests he was on the low end of trait extroversion.


Personally, I believe Michael Jackson was high in agreeableness. This includes the sub traits of compassion and morality. He was known for his generous charitable donations.


I think Michael Jackson was low on some aspects, and high on other aspects of neuroticism. He was a great performance artist, which suggests low self-consciousness with a good ability to handle pressure. However, his need for medication may suggest that he struggled with emotional stability and negative emotions in general. This, combined with high aesthetic sensitivity, may have in part explained his obsession with altering his appearance via surgery and treatments.


I think Michael had a very childlike innocence and perhaps purity of mind. However, unfortunately, others do not. Some may have just looked for an opportunity which led to accusations and allegations of abuse. Other people projected their darker, more negative minds onto Michael which influenced their interpretations.

Psychology & Mental Health

Some speculated that he suffered from an inferiority complex due to the verbal abuse he suffered from his father, which contributed to his obsession with plastic surgery and altering his appearance. He also didn’t have a normal childhood, often being isolated, which may have affected his social development.

The accusations of abuse, family issues, and the negative attention he received for his changing appearance likely led to the decline of his mental health.

Michael Jackson Personality Type – MBTI    

Michael Jackson was likely an INFP. Introverted (I), Highly Creative (N) passionate and emotional (f) and which a strong preference and appreciation for play (P). Most others type him as an ISFP, but for me, his strong interest in aesthetics and creativity tilt him over to an intuitive type.

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