Prediction on World Economy & Equality

What is going to happen in the future, in the next few years and beyond with regards to the economy, equality and other important issues? This is a on going prediction which comes from my studies and observations.


Equality has always been a big deal, however it’s perhaps a particularly important subject matter in our current age. Certain groups, particularly those on the far left of the political spectrum are striving of equality, and it seems like a moral and just cause. However many people are now realizing that there is more to it than simply doing the right thing. Much of the thinking of these far leftists is very distorted, even deluded.

People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people. Carl Jung

The striving for equality inevitably leads down the road to socialism, at least in part. In most of the western countries with the dominance of the left leaning political parties and media, socialism is in part already in place, seen in free for all health care and benefits systems. So there is a balance between the capitalism and socialism in many western countries.

Free health care and generous benefit systems are expensive, especially when they’re abused and taken advantage of. The workers end up paying for those that abuse the system, this leads to an increases in taxes, and general living standards go down. Far leftist, overly compassionate political policies are open to abuse and bad for economies.

The idea of being compassionate to solve problems is short sighted and frankly simplistic. It’s ignorance and weakness masked as morality.  

Defining Inequality   

When talking about inequality there is a bit of a problem with defining it. People have different points of view and perceptions. Take the gender pay gap as an example, it both exists and doesn’t exist depending on how you look at the data. The radical leftists will always misinterpret the data to suit their belief or Agender (confirmation bias). Just because certain people interpret data in a particular way doesn’t mean it’s true. Some people are using inequality as a weapon to attack others, to try and bring them down motivated partly by resentment.

Even if equality is defined correctly, the far leftists will not be successful in achieving it. One reason for this is they don’t even understand the problem properly, inequality exists, however the radical leftists cannot differentiate between true inequality, and a made up fabricated oppression. They’re too busy looking to be outraged, without thinking, without logic, without facts and without a decent understanding of history.

Some people have all the money

There’s a very small amount of people that have all the money, whether through achievement or inheritance.

Achievement – when someone becomes successful at something, the doors of opportunity start to open, they will get to a point where they have more opportunities and money than they know what to do with. Opportunities gravitate to achievement and success. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. We see this happen everywhere, even in wealthy western countries, and especially in the UK where there is the biggest divide between the rich and the poor of any western country.

See price’s law and inequality for more on this.


One answer to this is of course socialism, spread out the wealth and opportunities. However socialism leads to a lack of motivation for achievement and hard work, and tends to lower the quality of life for everyone apart from those at the very top, and there will always be people at the top.

A balance between capitalism and socialism seems to be the way to go, with a flexible adjustable balance between to two. Socialism won’t work by itself, when tried; it has failed, and is failing catastrophically. However with capitalism there will always be inequality, and if not regulated properly will be open to abuse and corruption. There will always be inequality to a degree because that is how the universe works, it’s a question of managing things properly to try and reduce it where possible.

quotes about jumping to conclusions

For this balance to succeed we also need a proper functioning democracy. When those in power are failing the very people that they were elected to serve then they need to be replaced. Some may argue that we already have that, however due to the rise of a radical leftist way of thinking over the last few decades, there has been little alternative. We had an option to vote for a far leftist dominated party only, however fortunately things are changing, real alternatives are becoming available and this is happening across the whole of the western world.

This is why large power structures like the European Union are failing. The more power the European Union gets, the less democratic Europe becomes. The EU seems obsessed with its goal of centralization and gaining power. It’s an Empire which doesn’t listen to or consider public opinion. Power corrupts, and those with power disconnect more and more with ordinary citizens.

Equality vs Economies

There is a direct conflict between the pursuit of equality and the pursuit for improving a countries economic situation. These goals are pulling against each other, like a tug of war. We have far leftist Politician’s talking about the importance of equality, but this is mostly just a mask, the reality is, they want power and money, while preaching about morality and using it to attack anyone who disagrees with their policies, just like the European Union does and many of the democrats in America.


Equality will never be achieved, it’s impossible, plus the true motivations of those people in power that are calling for equality don’t even really want it to happen. Because of this real pursuit of money and power, the gap between the wealthiest and poorest is only going to increase. Countries economic debts are increasing, the band is being stretched more and more until one day it inevitably snaps. In the past it has snapped in the way of wars or revolutions.

I see the way things are going, I see it similar to a train being on a track, which is getting faster and faster which will eventually derail. History is repeating itself, radical views and anti democratic powers have once again got a strong foot hold.


There is perhaps away of changing things and getting us off that track of inevitable and repeated catastrophe. Perhaps when, or if the human race evolves beyond pettiness, self interest, general negativity and superstitious beliefs.

Inequality leads to the destabilizing of groups and societies. Poor economies and excessive population growth lead to less opportunities and further inequality and relative poverty.

Good economies and controlled population growth may help to stabilize a society.

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