Steven Seagal Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What is the big five and MBTI personality type of Steven Seagal? Also looking into other aspects of his psychology, such as, is he a narcissist?

Steven Seagal personality type

Steven Seagal is an American martial artist, actor, and screen writer, and apparently a musician. He was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1952. Seagal was a student of the Japanese martial art style Aikido from an early age. He trained in Japan, and then eventually opened his own dojo in America.

He later got into acting, starring in various action movies. Some of these movies include, Under Siege, Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Exit Wounds, and many more with varying levels of quality.

Steven Seagal has also been subject to allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and various other allegations. Various lawsuits have been brought against him over the years.

Steven Seagal Personality Type – Big Five   


Many things about Seagal suggest he is high in openness, particularly the interest in aesthetics aspect of the trait. As a martial artist, actor, screen writer, and musician, all suggest he is high in at least some aspects of trait openness.


Steve Seagal does seem to have a strong work ethic. Like him, or dislike him, you have to give some credit for the things he has achieved. He also seems to have relatively high levels of discipline, dutifulness, showing high respect for law, order and hierarchy. However, perhaps only if he is at the top of the hierarchy.  


I think he is around the centre of the extroversion scale. He seems to have a strong outward focus like an extrovert, but his personality is more reserved, like an introvert. His reserved nature may come from his high levels of discipline, perhaps partly coming from his studies in martial arts.  


Steven Seagal, I would say, is very disagreeable. He’s not afraid of being critical of others and potentially causing confrontations. The actor (John Leguizamo) has stated that Seagal actually assaulted him on set, and other reports of actually hitting people and being overly aggressive during fight scenes. 


I would say that Seagal is low on the trait neuroticism. Things that suggest this, are, being able to perform well under pressure, and not being self-conscious, with general low levels of anxiety. His willingness to be confrontational also suggests this.  

Steven Seagal Personality Type – MBTI

I think Steven Seagal is somewhere between an ENTJ and an INTJ. I’m confident he is a Thinking Judger. However, I’m not too certain about whether he is an (I) or (E), and I think he is an intuitive type. At a push, I will go with a very ego centric ENTJ.

Steven Seagal Personality Disorders & Psychology

Generally, Steven Seagal seems very arrogant with a very high self-belief, and too much ego. He seems very focused on his appearance, physically, and in terms of social status and importance. His interest in how he is seen by others, combined with his disagreeable nature, contributes to making him a narcissist. He has a tendency to put others down in order to elevate himself. This is a common practice that narcissists do.

His aggressive and violent nature also suggests he has a desire to dominate others. This is a common psychological motivator, but it seems very strong with Seagal. He wants to have power over others, physically, and by other means. His desire to dominate others likely partly explains the accounts of assault and sexual harassment.

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