Herd Morality & Conformity – Nietzsche Philosophy

What is herd morality? Herd morality is one of Friedrich Nietzsche’s main philosophical ideas. This article looks into the reasons for herd morality and conformity while adding other relevant psychological explanations into the mix. It also looks into modern day examples of this psychological phenomena. What is herd morality? Herd morality is a collective value […]

Why do People get Tattoos?

Tattoos are more popular than ever, but what is the psychology and motivations behind the choice to get a tattoo? At one time there were many strong negative stereotypes associated with having a tattoo. However these days they’re being seen as more and more socially exceptable. Without so many negative stereotypes, people with a desire […]

How well do other people know you?

How well do other people actually know you? Including family members and those that are close to you, plus how well do you know yourself? Insight into how our minds work Who we are, how we come to conclusions, make decisions and generally how we perceive the world is a very complicated process. The world […]