ENFP Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

What are the strengths and weaknesses and suitable careers of the Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver, ENFP personality type? The ENFP is one of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) types. Also, including famous and fictional characters.

ENFP Personality Type.

The ENFP personality type is out-going; they are drawn to people and groups to get their energy. They also have a strong interest in people. The relationships of others fascinate them. They also tend to be creative. They tend to see the world in a more unique way, and they may have some eccentric tendencies.

If you were trying to spot an ENFP, you are likely to see them wearing bright colours, unique clothing and accessories. Their dress sense is likely to be geared towards seeking uniqueness and gaining attention. Extroverted intuitive types are prone to gambling due to them wanting to test their intuition, and their extroverted side is linked to seeking quick rewards and pleasures. This combination makes them likely to be very attracted to gambling, so they can often be found in those sorts of establishments.     

ENFP Personality Type Careers

ENFPs often excel in careers that involve dealing with people. Examples would be counsellor, involved in humanitarian causes, and sales and marketing roles. They are also extremely creative, and likely to be attracted to careers that allow them to use that creativity. With this in mind, the following roles could be ideal for an ENFP. Example careers: actor, director, producer, singer, musician, dancer, photographer, reporter, and a designer.   

ENFP Personality Type Functions

  • Dominant – Intuition (Ne)
  • Auxiliary – Feeling (Fi)
  • Tertiary – Thinking (Te)
  • Inferior – Sensing (Si)
ENFP personality type graphic.

ENFP Personality Type Strengths


With dominant intuition comes high creativity. They’re good at handling abstract ideas and they are able to think laterally, rather than in a linear, A to B manner. They are likely to start their own business, or help a current business shift its direction when the market changes. 

Good communicators

ENFP personalities are usually very good communicators. They are very focused on and interested in the people that they are communicating with. They are high in compassion and empathy, so, able to read people well, including their emotions.


They are full of positive energy, which is naturally attractive to most people. They are also approachable, friendly and generally interested in other people.

ENFP Personality Type Weaknesses

Overlook details

ENFPs strong intuitive side means that their sensing is an inferior function. They don’t naturally pick up on the details. They will likely have difficulty with tasks that require a strong attention to detail.


They can lack practical skills. Many of their creative ideas will not likely be very realistic. They may waste time on a creative or new idea which might lead absolutely nowhere.

Approval seeking

Being very focused on people has advantages and drawbacks. One drawback is, that they often seek the approval of others. ENFPs extroverted external focus and emotional nature values being liked. They are likely to get over-sensitive if they don’t get that external validation.

ENFP Famous & Fictional Characters