Kanye West (Ye) Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What personality type is Kanye West, also recently known as (Ye). Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, big five personality traits, and also looking into other aspects of his psychology and mental health.

Kanye West is an American song writer, rapper, and fashion designer. He has currently won 21 GRAMMYs. This makes him one of the most successfully decorated rap or hip-hop artists ever. Kanye West is well known for being eccentric and holding controversial views.

Mental Health & Psychology

There are reports of Kanye West suffering with depression and anxiety, even suggesting via song lyrics that he was on antidepressants. He has reportedly suffered from paranoia and hallucinations. He has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Kanye West Personality – Big Five Traits

Some of his mental health issues can be partly explained by a combination of his big five personality traits.


Kanye West is very high in trait openness. This is very obvious by the fact that he is an artist and musician. This comes under the interest in aesthetics aspect of openness. He also talks about and gets involved in important issues. He often gives his opinions on political and societal issues. This falls under the interest in ideas aspect of trait openness.

Being very high in openness is also likely to be a reason for his eccentric demeanour. People who are very high on openness often see the world in a different way to most people. They prioritise the creative and aesthetic, they do not think in the more common linear and practical way that most people do. Their thinking often takes a lateral and inconsistent direction. This type of thinking is unpredictable, and will seem strange to most people. However, it’s great for creativity.   


Kanye has been involved in many business endeavours, as well as his music career. This suggests he is very high in the industrious aspect of trait conscientiousness. 


He seems largely extroverted, which means he is high on positive emotions. This makes him prone to impulsive pleasure and thrill-seeking.


Kanye West has said many controversial things throughout his career. This suggests he is not particularly agreeable because of the amount of confrontational situations he has been in. Also, he seems to have a high degree of competitiveness, which is associated with being low in agreeableness.


Kanye West does seem high in trait neuroticism. This will be the biggest cause of his mental health issues. Neuroticism is the negative emotions trait, and it’s associated with anxiety and depression, as well as general emotional stability and the regulation of emotion.

High extroversion (positive emotion) and high neuroticism (negative emotion) may in part explain his bipolar disorder. Having extreme traits is also likely to be a factor for his mental instability.

Kanye West Personality Type – MBTI

Kanye West is an ENFP, or possibly an ENTP. He fits both types well. Both are creative types, which stem from a dominant (N) intuition function. He’s also extroverted, and fits the perceiver type better. He seems to be mostly led by his emotions and passions, suggesting he is a feeler rather than a thinker.

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