Sensing vs Intuitive Type – MBTI

On the myers briggs type indicator (MBTI), looking into sensing vs intuitive, which one are you? Sensing and intuition are input functions in the MBTI. It’s about how you gain information. For example, sensors are very much in tune with their five sensors.

Intuitive vs sensor.

To answer the sensing vs intuitive question, we have to understand the difference between being the sensing and intuitive types.

So here we go. We all gain information from our five sensors. However, sensors rely heavily on that sensory information, and take that information at face value.

Those of us who are intuitive take that sensory information and then use it to assign meanings and look for possibilities and patterns. One way of looking at it is, the information is internalized and not used directly.

Research suggests that sensors make up the majority of the population. Approximately 75 percent are sensors, with the remaining 25 percent being intuitive.

Sensing vs Intuitive Personality Type

Sensing Type

Sensing types look at things in a very practical way. For them it’s all about sensory information which is perceived in a very direct way. This makes them generally more practical than those who are intuitive. Sensors pay great attention to details and specifics, and they are more likely to notice minor changes and smaller details. Sensors like practical real world evidence to support a new idea or concept.

You can also see evidence of somebody being a sensor in the type of movies that they like. Strong sensors will normally prefer movies which are based on true stories, or basically any movie that could be real, real events and situations. For example, gangster movies or movies where paying attention to details is important.

Intuitive Type

Intuitives often tend to live in their own heads. Because of this, they are often not very aware of details and what’s going on around them, plus, the details are not as important to them.

Intuitive types more often look at the bigger picture, assigning meaning, and considering implications, rather than living in that specific moment in time. They’re more likely to go with ideas and concepts even if there is not a great deal of evidence to support them. Those who are intuitive are more likely to prefer fantasy and science fiction movies or stories.

Sensing or Intuitive Type?

More extroverts are sensors, and more introverts are intuitive. So, if you are an extrovert, the chances are you are a sensing type.

Sensing vs Intuitive Questions

1st(Senor) 2nd(Intuitive)

  • Do you consider yourself to be down-to-earth and practical? Or do you like concepts and ideas which are a bit out there, unusual and abstract?
  • Do you live in the current moment, paying attention to the now, to details and facts? Or are you off thinking about the future or deep in thought, looking for the patterns and connections to things?
  • Do you trust and rely on your actual real world experiences? Or do you prefer to lead with your gut instincts aka intuition?
  • Do you like movies or stories that are based on true stories? Or do you prefer fantasy or science fiction?