John Wick Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What is John Wick’s personality type using the big five personality traits and the Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI)? As well as using personality models to discover his type, I will also look into his motivations and other aspects of his psychology.

John Wick Personality Type

John Wick Personality Type

I would say that John Wicks character was definitely on the introverted side. Not looking for attention, and recharges his batteries by being alone. He is also someone that greatly values his privacy.

He definitely has a somewhat serious nature, suggesting he is high in conscientiousness, particularly highly disciplined. He is also likely to be high in orderliness, perhaps leading to being somewhat obsessive compulsive, and likes order and symmetry. This obsessive compulsiveness and seeking of perfection will reflect in his training. This is why he is so effective as an assassin.

He would need to be low in neuroticism to do the work that he does. Emotional stability would be a must, being low in anxiety would be vital in order to keep his nerve.

I also think he would be high in elements of the agreeableness trait, especially morality and trust. He is also probably sympathetic, well to those that deserve it.

I would say that morality was very high within John Wick, this morality motivates him to act upon what he feels is right. This strong sense of morality will override his introverted private side. His actions will gain attention and jeopardize his need for alone time and privacy.

This high level of morality will also lead him to breaking rules, and to even jeopardize his own life.

The Shadow

John Wick has definitely integrated his shadow or dark side. He has a monster within him. However, due to his high sense of morality, the monster is controlled. He doesn’t deny his dark side, he lets it out when he needs to.

John Wick is also a none conformist, not a herd member. He doesn’t want what most people do. He is not motivated by the need for status and impulsive pleasure like the majority. His strong introverted private side causes him to seek and appreciate the simple things in life.

He tends to lead more with his head rather than his heart. This makes him a more no nonsense straight talking type of person. It also makes him a more honest person, he will speak the truth rather than trying to spare someone’s feelings. This doesn’t mean he is without compassion, it just means a priority for truth or facts over feelings.

John Wick Personality Type (MBTI)

John Wick would be an (Introverted Sensing Thinking Percevier – ISTP). I have already covered most of the preferences on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator except for the Sensation or Intuitive type. John Wick would definitely be a sensation type or sensor. His survival would be very dependent on being observant and paying attention to details and reality. This would likely make him a practical thinker, he is also likely to be very punctual.

He is also likely to be a perceiving type, while he maybe high in aspects of trait conscientiousness. As a none conformist he would be tilting more to a perceiver type.

Some people have John Wick as a feeler (F) type rather than a thinker (T) type, due to his emotional motivation after his dog was killed. However, I believe this is due to people not understanding how the thinker feeler dynamic really works. Feeling is an inferior function, which is exactly why he took the loss of his dog so badly.

The misconception is that thinkers don’t have feelings. They do prefer facts over feelings generally. However, when in certain stressful or testing circumstances, their emotions are less well controlled, due to feeling being an inferior function.

John Wicks Political Views

As a no nonsense straight talking guy, I think John Wicks political views would be somewhere between classic liberal and a conservative. He would be very security minded, high in defense instincts, he is likely to think strong borders are a good idea and a vital part of security.

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  1. This is some great information as I am a big John Wick fan and having the opportunity of playing a character very similar it’s amazing. With that being said I would like to know if its okay with you if I may use the information in this piece for my screen acting treatment? Please.

    1. Thank you! Yes, feel free to use the information as you wish. Some form of credit would be appreciated if possible.

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