Gina Carano Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What personality type is Gina Carano using the big five traits and myers briggs type indicator (MBTI)? This is also a general character analysis, plus using any other relevant psychology. Gina Carano is a former mixed martial artist. She was also on American Gladiators as the Gladiator (Crush), and is currently an actress.

Gina Carano Personality Type – Big Five


Gina’s career choices seem unconventional and none traditional. She also tends to go against conformity, therefore the majority, which suggest free thinking and open to possibilities. These are likely indicators of being on the high side of trait openness.


Being a high level mixed martial artist and competitive fighter requires a huge amount of dedication and hard work. This combined with other things she’s done suggests she is very high on trait consciousness, especially industriousness.


Gina is generally reserved and low key in her temperament. During an interview she explains how she would get judged and accused of being stuck up, this would sometimes lead to getting into fights. Being labelled as (stuck up) is common when you combine good looks and being more on the reserved and introverted side. Many people will make this interpretation because they don’t understand personality differences.

The simple step of a courageous individual. Quote


There are numerous things that suggest that she is low in agreeableness, or at least particular aspects of agreeableness. Being an MMA fighter and a Gladiator on American Gladiators suggests a very competitive person, which is associated with being low in agreeableness. You also see her competitive and fighting side, with regards to her recent controversies related to her political beliefs and comments. She won’t bow down to bullies, and those who try and pressure her to say or do certain things. Being straight talking, honest and blunt with words is also an indicator of being low in this trait.


Being high in trait neuroticism can sometimes in part explain quiet and reserved personalities. This is due to it causing shyness, social anxiety, and anxiety in general. However, competing in high level, high pressure activities and sports would suggest being low in Neuroticism. As personality traits also split into sub-traits it’s possible she is high in some aspects, and low in others. For example, she could be high in self-consciousness, which results in some shyness and social awkwardness, but low in anxiety, and having good stress tolerance.     

Gina Carano Personality TypeMBTI

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving (ISTP). Introversion is already covered. Sensation types are very much in the moment and aware of reality, which fits as a professional fighter. Dominant thinking is very much like being low in agreeableness, stated above. Perceivers are less conventional and restricted by rules and regulations, they are more open minded and mentally flexible.

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