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Self Help/Motivation & Inspirational Articles

Ways to Develop & Expand your Brain

Ideas and ways that can help to free and expand your brain and consider different possibilities and new ways of thinking.

10 Life Rules to Live by

10 life rules to live by that will make you a better more moral person, that will lead to greater future success.

The Best Advice About Life You Will Ever Read

Best advice about life you will ever read includes a list of 22 pieces of great knowledge. Plus you have an opportunity to add your own great advice.

Is Your Ego Controlling Your Life?

Our egos or self image influence us greatly, however the ego can become too strong and it can prevents us from seeing the world clearly. Is your ego controlling you?

Questions To Make You Think And Open Your Mind

Questions that are designed to really make you think deep and consider different possibilities about life and to look at things in different ways.

Ways To Completely Change Your Life

Do you want to shake up your life? well if you answered yes, this article as a few suggestions on just how you can do that.

be a victim or victor

Other pages on this website cover the following topics 

Personality psychology, models, break downs and comparisons. Psychology combined with political commentary. Colour psychology articles. Analytical psychology and philosophy.

Elon Musk Personality Type

Why people like the colour black?

What is a Sigma Male?

The Shadow, Accept Your Darkside – Carl Jung

Herd Morality & Conformity – Nietzsche

How to become more positive and dealing with negativity, including negative people. Why do some of us have low confidence/self esteem and ideas on how to improve it.

Positive Self Talk/Affirmations

Increase your Confidence

Dealing with Negative People

Tips on dealing with anger issues and why do we become angry. Overcoming fear and anxiety and going into the causes of it. Articles on motivation, inspiration, self improvement.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety?

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Why am I so angry all the time?

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