Andrew Tate Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What personality type is Andrew Tate, using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five Personality Traits? I will also be including any other relevant psychology to analyse his character.

Andrew Tate Personality Type.

Andrew Tate was born in Washington DC. He lived in the UK for awhile, but he is currently a US Citizen. He is a former kickboxer, appeared on Big Brother, and more recently he has become famous for being a controversial online media personality.

Andrew Tate Personality Type – Big Five


Andrew Tate seems high in trait openness. He shows a large interest in important and big picture ideas and intellectual subjects. He also has a naturally high amount of optimism about ideas and potential. This is also associated with high openness.


He seems to highly value many of the aspects of trait conscientiousness, such as industriousness, dutifulness, seeking achievements, and being highly disciplined. So, he is very high on the conscientiousness scale.


Andrew Tate is highly assertive and vocal. However, he is not obviously high in the other aspects of extroversion. I think he’s just tilting over slightly to the extroversion side of the scale.


Andrew Tate is definitely low on the agreeableness scale. He’s certainly very competitive and not afraid of confrontation. This applies psychically as a kickboxer, and also often engaging in mental and verbal wars. He’s also generally straight talking and blunt with his language. If he believes something, he will say it even if it could potentially offend someone.


He’s on the low end of the neuroticism scale. He seems to have low levels of anxiety and self-consciousness. There are also many examples of him being able to perform well under pressure.

Some accuse him of being a narcissist. The personality factors that can lead to a narcissistic personality are, very high extroversion, and low agreeableness. He is definitely very low in agreeableness, so that’s one ticked off.

I don’t actually think he is that high in extroversion. He’s very opinionated and vocal, but his motivation seems to be to simply give his opinion because he believes he is correct. Narcissists will be seeking attention, and may say controversial things in order to get that attention. I don’t believe this is true of Andrew Tate based on what I have seen and heard so far.

Andrew Tate Personality Type – MBTI

Andrew Tate is an ENTJ, but I think he only just tilts over to the extroverted side. He is vocal and assertive, which is why many think he is an extrovert. He has a high level of confidence, and he is confrontational. This combination of traits makes him outspoken and seem more extroverted than he perhaps is.

He has a strong interest in abstract and big picture ideas. This moves him more toward being intuitive.

He is blunt and harsh with his words, which often offends people, and he’s not someone that is interested in political correctness. He is definitely a thinker type.

He seems more like a Judger type. He is quick to judge. When his mind is made up, there seems there is little room for more thinking on that particular issue. He tends to like closure and certainty; it shows a slight lack of flexibility in his thinking.  

Final Comments

Andrew Tate is mentally very quick, which suggests he is high in fluid intelligence. However, he seems a little too quick to judge. He’s confident in himself and his opinions, but this confidence definitely does move into the realms of arrogance at times. I also think he is a bit on the shallow side. For example, seeking shallow pleasures, rather than seeking deeper, more meaningful connections.

He sees the injustices and hypocrisies that are going on, and he is perhaps motivated by a sense of morality to speak out against them. It could also be his ego that motivates him to speak out, and a sense of importance, which could suggest narcissism.

However, I mostly see the attempts to label him as a narcissist as simply a way to try and discredit him and anything that he says.

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