Why People Adopt Politically Correct Views?

People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people. Carl Jung

Why do people adopt politically correct (PC), far leftist or social justice warrior (SJW) type views? Is there a reason for this, social, societal or reasons that are connected to innate temperamental/personality traits?

Why People Adopt Politically Correct Views?

The reason is very simple. Politically correct views are seen as more intelligent, more moral and of higher status than none politically correct views. They are seen as this way for a few reasons. Thinking biases and distortions, ego gratification, the need to feel important and superior, higher social status, which is to give in to the innate desire to climb up the hierarchy of society.

The trouble is, many people have very limited perceptual ability. They cannot judge properly because their thinking is influenced by herd morality, conformity, projection and whole host of cognitive distortions and biases. Some of these thinking distortions are caused by biased media sources that manipulate information to push a certain narrative. The way much of the American media portrays Donald Trump and his supporters for example. It also applies to the UK and the Brexit situation. 

The quest for truth. Gad Saad.

The Truth

Politically correct views are adopted by many because it caters to those innate wants and desires. However, the truth is that those that adopt these views are often far from the good, moral and the intelligent person that they claim or want to be.

At best they have been manipulated by the media and the innate need for conformity. At worst their motivation is self interest, to look and feel good and superior, this is mostly just a mask or persona. This is likely happening at the unconscious level. They are perhaps completely unaware of their true motivations, due to either unconscious repression, or conscious suppression.

The politically correct view is a social status view. In the UK, particularly England, you have the big disconnect between London, including the politicians, and those in the middle and north of England (Those who want to stay in the European Union, and those that want to leave). You get the same thing in America between the democrats and the republicans, with the democrats believing they have the intellectual and moral superiority.

Are you truly virtuous, or narcissist.

It’s nothing more than fake moral and intellectual high status posturing, either trying to gain political and group power, or to feel a sense of superiority. Often it will be the case of narcissism masquerading as altruism.

Those who favor politically correct views simply cannot see the true reasons, and the thinking of those who don’t share the same views. It’s a perceptual distortion, they jump to conclusions, think in absolutes with a large dose of confirmation bias.

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