ISTP Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

What are the traits, strengths and weaknesses of the myers briggs type indicator (MBTI) the introverted sensing thinking perceiver (ISTP) personality type?

ISTP Strengths & Weaknesses

This is one of the quieter and reserved types, they’re highly private and difficult to get to know. They pride themselves, and place a great deal of value on being self-reliant.

They are naturally very logical and practical, and they would suit a job that allowed them to work to those strengths. They would be suited to complex engineering jobs, that required reason and logic, and also full-fill their desire for being practical.

They’re inwardly focused with a strong eye for the details, which can be seen in the way they dress. They’re likely to wear dark colors as to not stand out, and they are not so focused on outside opinions or status, so they would likely prefer to dress practically rather than for trends or fashion. They’re also big on the visual details, so they will likely be well groomed, and their cloths well ironed.   


  • Dominate – Thinking
  • Auxiliary – Sensing
  • Tertiary – Intuition
  • Inferior – Feeling

ISTP Strengths

Logical & Rational

They’re very logical in their thinking, able to put aside their own personal biases and see things objectively. They enjoy solving problems that require a great amount of logic and clear thinking.


They naturally tilt towards practical tasks, they enjoy working with their hands and/or with tools. They will also be punctual, and very much a realist that focuses on the current moment.

Flexible & Adaptable

They have good ability to adapt to changing environments, and shifting the direction and focus when needed. They are not afraid of going against the norms, traditions and the status quo.


They like adventure in the physical world, they have a spontaneous and impulsive side to them. They don’t always show it due to their reserved introverted nature, however it’s there, occasionally and suddenly showing itself, this makes them at times somewhat unpredictable.    

ISTP Weaknesses


Their inferior feeling can mean they struggle with their emotions when under stress, particularly negative emotions, resulting in unbalanced neurotic like behaviour.


There are a couple of things that can make them insensitive. Firstly they have more of an interest in things rather than people, this is a psychological interest. Secondly they think being honest and straight forward is better than lying to spare someone’s feelings.


They really enjoy their free time for fun, recreation and adventure, this can lead to them having difficulty with staying committed to tasks.

Overly Reserved

The combination of an introverted personality and inferior feelings makes them particularly quiet and private. They will not open up easy to people, and can be difficult to get to know.