Colour Meanings & Influences

What are the meanings, common associations and psychological influences of the most popular primary and secondary colours, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Pink.

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Advancements in colour psychology is increasing in this relativity under exploited science. Studies and experiments are still on going, including using certain colours in prisons and in street lighting to reduce aggressive behaviours.

Colour psychology is also being used by sports psychologists to help achieve desired results. Colour psychology also plays a large part with the creation of company logos, business themes and in marketing in general.

Colour Meanings & Influences

RedColour Red Meanings

Red is the main primary warm colour that has connections to strength, physical actions and energy, sex, danger and aggression.

Influences of Red – Increases alertness and attention, also increases blood pressure, heart rate, physical energy, aggressive behaviour and can increase our appetites.

GreenColour Green Meanings

Green is a primary color that has connections to, health, nature, the natural world, balance, peace, money and jealously.

Influences of Green – Green increases our connections to nature, it is also calming and peaceful which is good for meditation and relaxation.

BlueColour Blue Meanings

Blue is a primary color which has connections to, communication, serenity, logical thinking and intelligence.

Influences of Blue – Blue can discourage aggressive behaviours, cause calmness and help with concentration, blue can encourage objective, unbiased thinking and decision making and can suppress appetites.

YellowColour Yellow Meanings

Yellow is a subtractive primary color and it has associations with vacations, sun, happiness and optimism.

Influences of Yellow – Yellow encourages positive upbeat feelings, it can also increase energy levels which can be positive, however it can also lead to feelings of uncertainty/anxiety.

OrangeColour Orange Meaning

Orange has connections to warmth, upbeat attitudes, excitable, frustration and high physical energy.

Influences of Orange – Orange can increase our physical and mental energies, encourage outgoing extroverted qualities, and increase confidence and impulsiveness.

PurpleColour Purple Meanings

The colour purple is connected to royalty, luxury, wealth and the performing arts.

Influences of Purple – The influences of purple are, it can be suppressive of certain emotions, can encourage caring, empathy, compassion, increased intuition and spirituality.

PinkColour Pink Meanings

Associations of Pink are, nurturing, love, femininity, emotional.

Influences of Pink – Pink is believed to have influences which can be calming and non aggressive, also encouragement of expressing emotions. Pink can also trigger cravings for sweets and generally foods that are high in sugar.

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