INTJ Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

What are the traits, strengths, weaknesses, and best career paths of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) type, the Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judger, INTJ personality type? Also, providing a short list of fictional and famous INTJ characters.

INTJ Personality Type

The INTJ personality is generally a very reserved and independent type. They often won’t be the ones to engage in small talk. However, they immensely enjoy talking about subjects that interest them, those which they have expertise in. They are exceptionally independent people, and they pride themselves on that independence. Typically, they don’t like to be the centre of attention, preferring to fade into the background, and they’re not great at dealing with praise and compliments. It tends to embarrass them.

Appearance wise, they may dress in unique ways, and they may often be dressed in a somewhat scruffy way, creased clothes for example, as they don’t naturally focus on the small details. Many of them will have tattoos, many piercings, and they may dye their hair unconventional colours.

INTJ Personality Type Careers   

They are suited to jobs that allow them to work by themselves, at least largely. They will likely thrive in careers in the sciences, as they are highly logical. They also often will be writers, and generally in jobs that require a high level of creativity. Careers in computing and technology are also ideal. Including systems engineers, programmers and designers. Other career examples: economist, financial analyst, scientist, statistician, doctor, software developer, SEO executive, and engineer.

INTJ Personality Functions

  • Dominant – Intuition (Ni)
  • Auxiliary – Thinking (Te)
  • Tertiary – Feeling (Fi)
  • Inferior – Sensing (Se)
INTJ personality type info graphic.

INTJ Personality Type Strengths


INTJ’s tend to be very creative people. This creativity can manifest itself in either artistic creation, or in the way that they perform tasks. They tend to do things differently. 


With auxiliary thinking, these are one of the more logical types. They will be good at seeing the objective side of reality, naturally analytical, they will often form their opinions based on facts and statistics.     


The INTJ personality has a constant craving for information, they have naturally inquisitive minds. They generally have more in-depth knowledge about complex subjects that interest them.

Flexible Thinker

They tend to be more classic liberal in their thinking, rather than traditional and conservative. They don’t like rules and limitations to be imposed upon them. This allows them to be more flexible and adaptable.  


They’re independent individuals, and they pride themselves on being self-sufficient and not needing help from others.

INTJ Personality Type Weaknesses


Their tertiary feeling function, means, their feelings, controlling their own, and considering the emotions of others is not a priority for them. It’s not their strongest trait.


The INTJ personality will often be direct with their speech and opinions, making them naturally disagreeable, insensitive, and argumentative.


Their often immense acquired knowledge can lead them to being arrogant. Because they know other people don’t often know as much as they do, and it can lead to feelings of superiority.  


INTJs can sometimes become overwhelmed by negative emotions, making them susceptible to anxiety, stress, depression and self-consciousness.

INTJ Famous & Fictional Character