ESFP Personality Type, Strengths & Weaknesses

What are the personality traits and they strengths and weakness of the myers briggs type indicator (MBTI) type the extroverted sensing feeling perceiver (ESFP)?

ESFP Personality Type

ESFPs are friendly and approachable types. They have a love for people, showing an interest in their lives and generally being thoughtful and compassionate. They often have a desire for attention and social interaction.

They’re also energetic, fun and spontaneous, they seek their thrills and excitement. They’re prone to giving in-to impulsive pleasure, and sensitive to seeking instant rewards.

They are likely to be fashion conscious, and due to their love for attention they may often wear colours and cloths that gain attention. They would suit jobs that ideally involved a lot of interaction with other people. Their love for the physical world and excitement means they probably love travelling.


  • Dominate – Extroverted Sensing
  • Auxiliary – Introverted Feeling
  • Tertiary – Extroverted Thinking
  • Inferior – Introverted Intuition

ESFP Strengths

Detail Focused & Practical

They are very observant to the current moment and reality, and ready and prepared to deal with most situations. Plus the majority of the time they’re practically minded.

Friendly & Social

ESFPs are naturally good with people, generally positive, fun, friendly and approachable. Likely to have a good sense of humour and show interest in people’s lives.

Flexible & Adaptable

They’re good at shifting to changing environments and situations, this is because their personalities tilt away from following traditions and conventional thinking.

Positive & Exciting

As a highly extroverted person they’re naturally high in positive emotions, and reward sensitivity. Basically they love to have fun, with a tendency to be unpredictable in their fun seeking.

ESFP Weaknesses

Small Picture Thinkers

The down side of having dominate sensing is having inferior intuition. This means that they don’t naturally focus on the big picture, and often fail to see patterns and connections. This can result in short sighted thinking.


Logic is not their strong suit because they focus so much of feelings. This may result in them having trouble with seeing things clearly, and taking their own biases and emotions out of the equation.

Too Agreeable

They can be too focused on pleasing others, and cooperation. Because of this they can have difficulty asserting or standing up for themselves. If they’re not careful that can be walked all over.  

Erratic & Impulsive

Their desire for fun and reward sensitivity has a negative side, which is that they can be impulsively unreliable and easily distracted. They can be unproductive at times due to their impulsive fun seeking nature.