What’s Your Colour Personality?

Do you have a colour personality, can your favorite colour reflect your personality traits? The psychology of colours is broader and more complex than most people think. Psychology in this area doesn’t just cover the influences that colours can have on us, it also digs into the connections people have to certain colours, and also the motivations for people choosing particular colours in their daily lives.

What's your colour personality?

What Is Your Personality Colour?

Red Personality

Red personality is energetic, powerful, determined, ambitious and impulsive. It’s also the colour that’s most associated with sexuality, lust and danger, which suggests a promiscuous and perhaps thrill seeking personality. Because of reds ability to gain attention it would more than likely mean an out-going social person that thrives from attention. Reds have a lot of positive emotion, however they can be disagreeable and competitive, which can soon turn aggressive and confrontational.

Blue Personality

Blue personality is calm, confident, conscientious/hardworking, organised and orderly that tilts towards the conventional and traditional. Blue is a more reserved and introverted colour that likes to think things through before acting. Blue is also trustworthy and loyal, however they may seem cold and uncaring at times, as logic, facts and rationality rule over emotions.

Green Personality

Green personality is often seeking tranquility and calmness and has a deep connection to the earth. Constantly seeking balance in their life. Greens are big picture thinkers which causes them to be passionate about environmental issues. You can’t get a much bigger issue than say focusing on the planet as a whole. Efficiency is a primal instinct for these people, disliking waste which is connected to the passion for environmental issues. Green personality is reserved like blue, however they have more emotion, more agreeable in temperament that often thinks of others before themselves.

Yellow Personality

Yellow personality is fun, friendly, high energy, outgoing and reward sensitive – meaning they often give in to instant gratification without thinking about the consequences. Yellow is also open minded and creative, this openness combined with high energy can mean a sometimes indecisive and anxious temperament.      

Purple Personality

Purple personality is highly intuitive, often using and relying on their intuition rather than the five basic sensors. Purples love the spiritual and they believe there is much more to existence than what they can see with their two eyes. Their minds naturally drift out of conventional thinking, looking for hidden meanings and patterns. Purple personality is also sensitive, often anxious and can be easily stressed.   

Pink Personality

Pink personality is youthful, fun and impulsive, not the most practical person in the world. You wouldn’t trust them with a DIY task, they’re not likely to do a great job, partly because they wouldn’t have much interest in that type of thing. Pink personality is also very caring and compassionate, they naturally consider others before themselves. Pinks are also idealistic thinkers, believing in a utopia like society where everybody gets an equal share.   

Orange Personality

Orange personality is the most social and extroverted, it is a mix of red and yellow and shares traits of those two. Orange personalities get there energy from groups and social events, it’s their favourite way to relax. They’re very much outward thinkers, paying attention to details and what others are doing. They’re also often physically active people, this gives them more opportunities to socialize.

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