Ways to Develop your Mind & Expand Your Brain

What are ways to develop and expand your mind? this article lists many of the best ideas I have come to realize. There can be many ways that we can improve our minds and expand our understandings of the world and ourselves, here are a few of them.

Ways to Develop your Mind & Expand your Brain

Facing fears

If you manage to do this it can be a real mind opener, doing something that we are afraid of, something that we never thought we would do expands our understanding of ourselves. It also can give us more control and power over our lives.

Take a risk

Similar to facing our fears, taking risks is another way of opening up our minds to different possibilities and realizations.

Do something radically different

When we become set in our ways it can limit our minds, it can lead to boredom, tiredness and a loss of energy. When we do something different it tends to do the opposite.

Improve your self image

Improving your own view of yourself and increasing your confidence may allow you to pursue avenues and ambitions that previously you would not of considered pursuing. Have belief in yourself and your abilities and chase your dreams.

Accept a different point of view

Sometimes our minds become locked in a narrow field of vision or point of view, being unable to except differing opinions and ways of thinking. The next time somebody gives an opinion or suggests an idea, don’t immediately discard it. Instead consider the possibility that they might be right, excepting new possibilities expands the mind.

Be more self aware

Think about your actions or your inaction’s, why do you say and do the things that you do. Think about how people perceive you and how you perceive others.

Limit your dealings with negative people

Dealing with people that drain our energy will only hold us back and limit our minds and our potential. It may not always be ideal, but sometimes it may be necessary to avoid these people as much as possible.

Write an article about yourself

Education is not the remembering of facts. Albert Einstein

This will force you to take a long hard look at yourself, you will have to think about yourself in depth. You will have to think about your ambitions, who you were, who you are now and who you want to be, and the life you want to lead. It can be an eye opener.

Objectify negative thoughts

Often negative thoughts and worries are just unconscious nonsense. Think about how many times you had bad feelings about an outcome and it didn’t come true. I am guessing that these feelings turned out to be wrong far more times than right. Objectify these worries and negative thoughts, the conscious mind should rule over the unconscious.

Stop watching soaps!

I realize not all soap operas are the same, however here in the UK two of the biggest most popular soaps are full of characters that express some of the worst character traits that humans have to offer. All the negative and vindictive nonsense can infect our minds, watch something heart warming, positive or educational instead.

Read about successful people

There is a big difference in the minds of those who are successful and those who are not. Immerse yourself in the words and the thinking of those who are more positive and successful, it will rub off on you.

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