Ways To Completely Change Your Life

This article includes tips and ideas on how to completely change your life. These are little things that you could do that could make a huge difference to your life success.

Ways To Completely Change Your Life

Only view and listen to positive media

Don’t watch the news, or limit it how much of it you watch. It’s good to be informed, however the news is mostly negative and at times even horrific. Also avoid TV programs that focus on the negative and the worst that humans have to offer, for example selfishness, ego boosting, vindictiveness, distrust and ignorance.

Replace it with positive, inspiring, mind-opening and educational media. It will influence your unconscious and conscious mind.

Delete people from your life

Sometimes it’s best just to erase certain people from your life. Some people can hold us back, put us down, and generally have a negative impact on our lives. It may be extreme but sometimes it’s necessary.

There can be many reasons why some people become a negative influence. We sometimes become the victim of another person’s ego gratification who will do anything to gratify that ego, or in other words to feel good about themselves, to feel important. They could have a generally negative way of thinking or various other emotional problems. Whatever the reason is you don’t need to become a victim of it. Remove these negative people, remove yourself and do what you know is right.

Sometimes it’s better to walk alone, rather than to follow a crowd that’s not going in the right direction.

Make changes to your life

It becomes easy and comfortable to keep doing the same thing over and over. Change can seem scary. However, it opens us up to new possibilities, and can even increase our confidence. I have faced many big changes in my life and my fears of those changes have never yet turned out to be true. I always gained more from these changes than I lost.

Listen to inspiring audio books

Get into the habit of listening to these everyday. The knowledge and positivity will infect your mind. They will teach you things that you were never taught in school.

Travel and visit new places

Traveling can be an eye opener and a great confidence booster. Seeing the world and different cultures can open the mind and help to give you new ideas. Traveling broadens your experiences, improves your knowledge, and generally makes your life more exciting.

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Learn to see the grey

Most things are simply not black and white, yet so many people think in such ways. Such thinking is limited and self-limiting. This is similar to generalizing and judging too quickly, they provide short term ego boosts and satisfaction. Things are not so black and white, realizing this will open your mind to possibilities that you never before considered. It can be daunting to admit that we don’t know as much about life and people as we thought we did. However, admitting it gives us a nice healthy dose of humility. See the faulty thinking post for more.

Believe in yourself

Often people don’t go for what they want because they don’t believe in themselves and their abilities, this is very much related to being afraid of failure. Often other people won’t believe in you, but this has nothing to do with you or your abilities, this is due to their own negative thinking. So, if other people won’t believe in you, then you have to believe in yourself.

Replace the word failure with lesson

Everybody, no matter how successful they are has had many failures in life. The main difference between those who succeed, and those who fail long term, is whether that person learns from their failures. Some people are terrified of failing, so terrified in fact, that they are even afraid to try in the first place.

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