10 Random Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

These are some great little tricks, tips and hacks to help you achieve more, get more done, save time, money and generally make your life easier.

10 Life hacks to make your life easier.

10 Random Life Hacks

1 Do you often find yourself with loads of things to do when you are already busy? Yet when you have free time you end up doing nothing and being bored? Next time you find yourself in the a busy situation with lots of ideas of things to do, write them down so the next time when you have the free time you will not forget about them. Keep the list out in the open.

2 Is your phone running low on battery? if you want to charge it quicker switch it to offline mode or airplane mode, it will charge much quicker. Or even better switch it off.

3 Place something like an old news paper at the bottom of your bin, it will absorb all the fluids making life a lot easier when it comes to taking it out.

4 You can charge your phone with almost any USB port, for example the USB ports that most modern TVs have.

5 Don’t use ice cubes to cool down a glass of wine it waters it down. Instead freeze some grapes and add them to the glass.

6 If you need to buy somebody a gift but you have no idea of what to get. Tell them you have already bought them something great and then make them guess what it is. When they guess, you get some great ideas of what to buy.

7 Certain websites provide discounts and other incentives to encourage you to complete a sale. So next time you are looking at buying online, add your items to your basket, however don’t complete the sale. Instead leave it for a day or two and you may very well receive a discount or voucher of some kind to encourage to you complete the sale.

8 If you are feeling nervous try chewing some gum. It tricks your brain into thinking that you are safe and in no danger because you are eating.

9 If you want to be happy, just start to appreciate all the good things in your life. There are many people in this world that would kill for the things that you take for granted.

10 Most people can’t tell the difference between confidence and ability. So act confident and people are more likely to believe in you and what you are saying.

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