People Who Like White Colour?

What is the meaning, motivations and personality of someone who likes the colour white, including wearing it, driving a white car, owning a white phone or with interior design? Meanings of the Colour White The colour white is associated with the following influences and meanings. Heaven, clouds, the light side, pureness, snow, winter, cold, clean/sterile, […]

What’s Your Colour Personality?

Can your favorite colour reflect your personality traits? The psychology of colours is broader and more complex than most people think. Psychology in this area doesn’t just cover the influences that colours can have on us, it also digs into the connections people have to certain colours, and also the motivations for people choosing particular […]

Colour Meanings & Influences

What are the meanings, common associations and psychological influences of the most popular primary and secondary colours, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Pink. Advancements in colour psychology is increasing in this relativity under exploited science. Studies and experiments are still on going, including using certain colours in prisons and in street lighting to […]