Good vs Bad Diversity

Much of the western world has gone diversity mad, which is mostly a bad thing because of the type of diversity that is being focused on. Good diversity does exist, however, it has nothing to do with race, gender, or other identity groups.

Bad Diversity

Unfortunately the type of diversity that many Politician’s and Companies are focusing on, due to extreme political correctness is a very superficial, shallow diversity. It is the diversity of primarily race and gender. However, it also includes other minority groups. This, in my view is bad diversity, because it’s separating people into their superficial group identities. People are not being judged by the content of their character, but rather their skin colour, religious beliefs, sexuality and gender.

Everything we hears is an opinion. Marcus Aurelius quote.

This type of shallow diversity is leading to a lot of what is known as moral posturing, it’s more about image than anything else. It’s fake progress, fake morality for the purpose of appearances. There are companies that are pushing this type of shallow diversity for the sake of image, yet the same companies can have some deep rooted problems with bulling, harassment, favouritism, discrimination and general corruption. it’s hypocrisy.

I know of certain companies that wastes money on moral posturing while the share price continues to drop. This hurts the business and people’s jobs for a fake positive progressive image.

There are some Individuals that also support this type of diversity for the sake of image, masked as morality, but really it’s just narcissism, virtual signalling and posturing. If it’s not moral posturing, it’s out of ignorance, probably a bit of both. Herd morality and conformity is also likely to be a large contributor to this type of thinking.

There is perhaps a bigger issue with this type of diversity. The focus of shallow indicators like race and gender is only going to increase divisions between people. When we focus on dividing people in such shallow ways (group identity), it’s only going to lead to more tribalism and division. The more the radicals strive for equality by race and gender, the greater the divides will get, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Wasn’t it Martin Luthor King that said something along the lines of, he wants his kids to live in a world where people are not judged by the colour of their skin, but rather the content of their character. You can add gender and other groups to that as well. Unfortunately people seem to of forgotten the lessons of the past, because judging by skin colour, sexuality, gender and other groups is on the rise.  

Good Diversity

Good diversity is when you focus on the individual, the content of a person’s character, which includes morality and general personality traits. So individual identity is primary, group identity is secondary, which is the opposite of what is actually happening.

It’s especially important to have diversity of ideas and thinking, and this comes from temperamental traits. People with different temperaments will have various different strengths and weaknesses. Creative people are high in the trait of openness and tend to be open in their thinking and sensitive to aesthetics. Conscientious people are dutiful, orderly, hard working, and efficient, they are not creative, but often make good managers. Agreeable people will make good carers, because they are naturally compassionate.

Some people are also very good at being practical and paying attention to details, while others are in their heads making connections, seeing patterns, using their intuition and focus on the big picture. There are often strengths and weaknesses to each type.

Only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Some people are also highly moral and focus on doing the right thing, while others can be self centered, selfish and will screw people over to get ahead. We also have those that are considered to be sociopaths or psychopaths that have little to zero conscience. You really don’t want these people having power over others, especially being the leader of an undemocratic country. This has already happened and it didn’t go well.

The point is, people’s temperaments can differ greatly, and they can see the world and think in very different ways.

This is what we should be concentrating on, meaningful and more complex diversity that doesn’t judge on race or gender, but rather the individuals character. This will result in natural diversity, and not the shallow forced diversity that we are seeing now.

Unfortunately so many people are ignorant, short-sighted, shallow and simplistic in their thinking, with a motive of self-interest masquerading as forward thinking and morality.

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