What is Pride or Being Prideful – Good & Bad Side of Pride?

So what is pride? the definition of pride is feeling a sense of satisfaction from one’s own accomplishments, qualities or possessions. Pride can be a good emotion and a positive personality trait, however, it can also be bad, motivating a person to pursue selfish needs to satisfy their pride.

Having Standards

Pride can be useful when trying to maintain high standards. For example, say if someone is proud of an accomplishment, they will work hard to maintain that accomplishment and that pride. Pride can be personal pride, individual to a particular person. Pride can also apply to groups, small and large, it also applies to feeling pride for your country or nationality.

Pride can also be used as a manipulation tool. Sometimes governments use the idea of pride to motivate people and to get them to do what they want. For example, recruiting for the army and motivating soldiers to go into battle, to have pride for their country and fight for it.

The Good Side of Pride

Pride is often the result of achieving something good after hard work and persistence. Someone who achieves wealth through hard work will feel a greater sense of pride for that achievement, than say somebody who won or inherited their wealth. Pride can be a great motivator and reward for achieving goals and accomplishments.

The Bad Side of Pride

Pride can also lead to feeling superior to others, looking down upon them. This is sometimes referred to as being prideful, similar to having a big ego or high self-image.

Not caring about what others think quotes

The dark or shadow side of pride often shows itself when people start comparing their accomplishments to others. This comparing to others can either lead to feelings of superiority, or inferiority. Feeling inferior can lead to vengeful and spiteful feelings, which can become malicious words or actions. These dark feelings will only hold us back and cause us problems in the long term.

Often comparing ourselves to others is bad. This is why you will see so many comments and quotes in the self improvement and fitness world about only being competitive with yourself, and not caring about what people think. This is to avoid that counterproductive and even destructive shadow self, or dark psychology.

Boosting the Pride of Others

When somebody acknowledges the accomplishments of others, it often results in the boosting of that persons pride. This can be done genuinely, or it can be done with the intention of manipulating that person, to get someone to like them with the intention of asking for favors in return.

When we are feeling strong amounts of pride it can be very distracting. We can become immersed with enjoying those feelings, so we may not be paying enough attention to more important things. It may blind us from seeing a person’s true intentions and their attempts of manipulation or influence.

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