How to get motivated and maintain it

Getting and staying motivated can be a difficult thing. Without motivation it can be near impossible to accomplish goals, finish or even start a project.

How to get and stay motivated

We can often get a sudden burst of motivation, it may feel like we can accomplish anything. Unfortunately that motivation can easily subside. However fortunately there are tips, tricks and ways of thinking that can rekindle that motivation.

How to get motivated & maintain it?

Read about successful people

Reading about these highly motivated and successful people will only motivate you more. They will also give you ideas, and their inspirational stories will rub off on you. They will give you the successful mindset that so many successful people seem to share. Also see overcoming adversity.

Focus on the important

Often people will waste their time and energies on things which are not really very important. Learn to ignore these distractions and focus on what you want and what you seek to achieve.

Remember your past success

Anytime you start to feel your motivation slipping, just remember what you have achieved in the past. It would be a good idea to write down all your achievements for memory and quick viewing. Viewing your past successes will remind you of just what you can achieve, which will help to motivate you in the future.

Avoid those draining negative people

Some people will just get in your way and hold you back. They may be narcissists or ego maniacs, getting involved in their nonsense will only distract you from your real goal, and they may even be harmful.

I can & I will. Motivation Quote

What makes you bored?

Boredom is a massive killer of motivation. If you are getting bored, find out what exactly it is that bores you. Once you know what is triggering that boredom you can do things to prevent it from happening, or at least reduce it.

Take a break

Make sure you take a break every now and then. Sometimes it may feel like the wrong thing to do, especially if you still have much to accomplish, however taking a break will help to keep things fresh. Go and do something different and you will comeback feeling refreshed.

Watch inspirational Movies

One of my favorite inspiring movies is “Catch me if you can” this maybe a movie about a con man, but what he achieved with his confidence and not being restricted by the conventional will surely inspire.

Mix it up

Working on just one project can get tiresome very quickly. When you start to get bored, move onto another project, if only for a short while.

Tell people about your goals

If somebody has knowledge about your goals or projects they may ask you about them. The thought of not achieving your goals and disappointing somebody can be a nice way of keeping up that motivation level.

Seek like minded people

Look to meet people that will have a positive influence you. Look for those people who will motivate you to achieve, not those that will look too put you down and that want to see you fail.

Recognize small achievements

As you progress see the small successes. Don’t just think of the end goal, it could be a long way away. Projects are normally made up of small successes, make sure you recognize these small successes they will motivate you to keep going.

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