10 Life Lessons you Didn’t Learn in School

10 Life Lessons you didn't learn in school

We learn much from our time at school but it has its limits. This is a list of 10 life lessons you didn’t learn in school.

As soon as we leave school it may seem like the lessons and learning is over, but the truth is, it’s only just beginning. The end of year exams may seem tough but they are nothing compared to the tests that lie ahead.

Life tends to get much more complicated after we finish our formal education. When we leave the protection of formal education, that is when the real learning begins.

10 Life Lessons you Didn’t Learn in School

1. Only you can make you happy. Putting your happiness in the hands of others often leads to unpredictable levels of happiness. When we are younger we often rely on other people for happiness, for example needing to be in a relationship to make us happy. Many of us learn that this is just an illusion and true happiness comes from inside and the way we think.

2. Learn from our mistakes. Making mistakes in life is a certainty. However, mistakes are not necessarily a bad thing, not if we learn from them anyway. It takes a wise person to learn from their mistakes, if you are an even wiser person if you can learn from the mistakes of others.

3. Failure is not always bad. Some people are afraid to fail, they may be afraid of what people will think of them if they fail. However failure is not a bad thing, the wise person knows that failure is just something to learn from. It’s in the way we look at life and our point of view which is important. Thomas Edison said something like, “I have not failed I have been successful in finding 10,000 ways that don’t work”.

challenge is inevitable defeat is optional

4. Persistence will often lead to success. For anybody that persists in a goal for long enough learns the lesson that persistence is key to achieving your goals.

5. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Making mistakes is a fact of life, so accept it, forgive yourself and others, then learn and move forward.

6. Don’t get stressed over petty issues. Small trivial issues are not worth breaking into a sweat over, simply enjoy the moment and focus on what really matters.

7. You are not the center of the universe. It’s not good to just talk about yourself all the time, you may find yourself fascinating but other people may not.

8. Something’s you cannot prepare for. It’s good to be prepared for situations in life, it can help us achieve goals and perform at our best. However some situations cannot be prepared for, simply excepting the unexpected is perhaps the best way to prepare.

9. People are more important than possessions. It’s great to have things and sometimes we get a little bit too attached to them. For those of us that love our possessions it can be a tough lesson when we realize that they were not as important as we thought they were.

10. See the funny side and don’t take life too seriously. Humor is an amazing way of changing your priorities and putting things in perspective. It’s one of the most valuable mental tools to develop, humor is also great for defusing situations, dealing with people and releasing stress.

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