Developing Your Intuition

Intuition is gaining knowledge or information from a sixth sense unconsciously, as supposed to gaining information from our five primary sensors. Have you ever considered developing your intuition?

Developing your intuition.

Bad Intuition

Intuition is a form of instinctive knowledge at the unconscious level. It’s partly influenced by a person’s perception/projection and therefore not always accurate as a person’s perception is based on experiences, interpretations, and the state of mind of an individual.

Intuition is a perception by ways and means of the unconscious. Carl Jung.

Many people will believe they have good intuition. However, for many, this is only a belief, as intuition is dependent on a person’s perception and interpretation of events. This leaves a lot of room for error. This is because a person’s interpretations don’t necessarily mirror the truth. Our interpretations are often influenced by our own egos and personal desires to feel special and generally to feel good about ourselves.

Also influencing our intuition is our own insecurities and defense mechanisms, including projection. This creates a biased or distorted mind set which is seeking mainly to fulfill selfish desires, or defending the ego rather than seeking the truth. For this reason, relying on intuition to make decisions or form opinions would not be a good idea.

Good Intuition

Intuition, also referred to as a gut feeling, is considered by some people to be an unexplained special ability. However, there is a well known psychological theory for intuition, explaining how it works and also how to improve it.

Good intuition can be a great ally. It will give you the ability to make the right decision, to do and say the right thing without even thinking about it. Many very successful people consider their intuition or instincts to be very important, and in some cases it may have played a very large part in their success story.

Developing your Intuition


Be open-minded, keep your mind open to possibilities and suggestions. In order to get good intuition, we need good judgment and honest, unbiased knowledge, and this is difficult to achieve without an open-mind.


Be aware of things around you, pay good attention to what’s going on and let the information sink into your mind.

Study Psychology

Understanding the way the human mind works and why people do and say the things that they do will greatly help to develop your intuition. Understanding psychological concepts such as perception, projection, displacement, and psychological motivators will be very helpful.

Analyze Yourself

Really spend some time analyzing yourself, your words and actions. Why do you do and say the things you do? You have to be completely honest with yourself. If you start to see traits in yourself that you don’t like, don’t just go into denial about them, accept them and then act constructively. See the related self-awareness page.

The ideas here are based around self-improvement and acquiring the right knowledge, which will train your subconscious mind to see things clearly and in an educated and unbiased way. Once the subconscious mind is seeing things clearly, it could become a great ally in life. Your gut instincts (intuitions) will most likely turn out to be right. You will find yourself making fewer mistakes, and making the right decisions without even thinking about it. It will also allow you to judge people more accurately and quickly.

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