Dealing With Anger

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If you find it hard to manage your anger, this page will give you ideas and theories on dealing with anger.

Anger is a very natural reaction and a healthy emotion, anger can even be a useful tool if it’s used constructively. When someone becomes angry the body releases adrenaline which increases our energy levels and it also makes us more alert.

Some people can really struggle with this emotion, if anger is not managed correctly it can be a destructive force that can lead to many problems and rash decisions that can even ruin a person’s life.

Anger is considered to be a normal and healthy emotion, with the majority of people being capable of dealing with anger without too much difficulty. However for some of us it can be much more of a problem, which can greatly influence are lives and decision making.

Reasons & Dealing with Anger

Low Self Esteem

There can be a number of reasons why some people have difficulty dealing with anger. Such as lacking in confidence or a weak self image, these things can lead to people taking situations and comments personally, therefore creating anger and further lowing confidence and making that self image even weaker, leading to further anger issues, resentment and bitterness. If you feel this applies to you, you should work on improving your confidence and self image.

Personal situations or people

Sometimes anger is just the result of personal situations and people in our lives, anger leads to stress which can cause many health problems if the stress is long term. You owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to reduce your anger and stress, even if this includes blocking certain people out of your life, even if it’s just temporary. How to deal with negative people.


Displacement happens when a person who is suffering with stress and anger cannot handle that anger and therefore transfers that anger onto either another person or object. This can be handled in a few ways, the root cause of the anger can be dealt with, such as confidence issues or other personal problems or life situations.

The other way is dealing with displacement itself, a good way to do this is to consciously think about what is happening and mentally pick apart your reactions and emotions. The idea is that when you fully understand what is happening to you, you can control it and prevent it from running your life. See defense mechanisms for more on this.

Psychology myth

There is a myth that anger has to be unleashed or expressed to be healthy, “better out than keeping it buried inside” however this is not true. Expressing anger does not cure the problem, it will only likely create more problems. Instead the reasons for anger should be understood, picked apart and then dispersed.

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