How to succeed if you are shy or introverted

How to succeed in life if you are introverted or shy in a world that is dominated by extroverts and in a world that also rewards extroverted personalities.

How to succeed if you are shy or introverted

Are you an introvert or just shy?

Being introverted or being shy is often considered to be the same thing however they are actually something different. Being shy is basically to do with confidence, most people who are shy tend to lose that shyness as their social skills get better and their social confidence naturally increases. Social anxiety is considered a more serious form of shyness. If you think you are just shy see the how to overcome social anxiety and shyness page.

Shyness is also more connected to the trait of neuroticism, which is the negative emotion trait which includes the sub trait of self consciousness.

Being introverted is a whole other thing yet the result (being quiet) is similar, which is why they are often seen as the same thing.

Introverts recharge their batteries by being alone, While they do enjoy the company of others, being around others can be mentally draining, even exhausting. Because of the difference in the way an introverts brain is wired they can sometimes be overwhelmed by information and they sometimes need more time to process that information, this leads to introverts being in their own heads more and they tend to be deep thinkers. See the are you an introvert? page.

Because introverts spend more time alone social skills can sometimes suffer, so often you will find introverts that are also shy. If you know somebody who is really very quiet the chances are that they will be shy and an introvert. However get them talking about a subject that they are interested in and you might have trouble shutting them up.

How to succeed if you are introverted

Use your need to be alone productively.Introvert quotes

So if you like spending time alone this is a great opportunity to develop a skill or master a particular craft. For example if you like computers learn to program, develop an app or create a website. Use your alone time to better yourself and increase your chances of future success.

Most extroverts are too busy being social that they never have time to develop a real skill, so that gives the introvert an opportunity to get the upper hand when it comes to life success.

Meet like minded people

As introverts we often hate small talk but love talking about subjects that interest us. So seek out these people that have the same interests and passions. You could do this by attending classes or even online.


It can often be difficult for introverts to express themselves though actual speech because often they are less comfortable doing so. Also because introverts are deep thinkers and like more time to prepare themselves to make sure they get across all their points.

Many of the greatest song writers are introverts who are more comfortable expressing themselves though writing music than speech.

Don’t let those extroverts tell you how to live

Most people don’t really know what being introverted really means, as I already mentioned most people will just think it’s just shyness, they think the quiet person just needs to come out of their shell. Plus everybody likes to think their way of doing things is the right way.

If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the majority you may never reach your potential. It’s always good to work on our people skills it can help us to get the most out of life. However if you neglect your introverted side and give in to the pressures of society or the majority then greater opportunities may be missed.

However if you just want to fit in as much as possible, that’s fine if that’s what you want.

Find a suitable profession

Introverts tend to be private, independent people that often prefer to work alone or in small groups. Great sales people are usually extroverts that enjoy small talk, make friends easy and build rapport quickly which helps that particular business do well. So play to your strengths and find a career that is suited to your talents and that you will excel at.

Don’t neglect your social side

Sometimes as an introvert our natural tendency is to avoid certain social situations, events and even small talk. While we may not like certain situations it is important to be at least a little social at times.

We live in a social world so social skills are needed, just make sure you can hold your own and that you can take advantage of the opportunities around you. If you suffer from social anxiety it might be time to work on those skills some more.









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