Best Reasons for Brexit and the Decentralisation of Power

What are the best reasons for the decentralisation of power, and generally, why is it a good thing? One example is the United Kingdom leaving the EU (European Union), also known as Brexit.

Decentralisation of power & Brexit.

Centralisation vs Decentralisation of Power

There is a force in the world which is gravitating to the centralization of power. The European Union is a great example of an attempted centralization of power. The European Union started off as a union that allowed and encouraged trade between France and Germany after the Second World War. Most people believed it was a good thing, believing it would encourage peace and cooperation between these countries.

However, since then, the European Union has grown in power and influence. Not only has the number of member countries increased, but also its power and ability to govern. It has essentially become a centralized government of Europe.

The Dangers of Centralisation

The more people a government has control of, the more damage it can potentially do. This damage could be minor, or it could be great, and the more power they have, the harder they are to remove from their positions.  

Unlimited power, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn quote.

The divide between the people and the government also increases as centralization grows. This can also be referred to as a disconnection between the leaders and their people.

Many writers and philosophers have observed the connection between power and corruption. As the power grows, so does the desire to keep that power.    

Centralisation is also anti-democracy. Democracy may have its flaws. However, it’s by far the best way for societies to function. This has been proven to be true time and time again throughout history. It’s the only way to keep governments in check, and to stop them from becoming extreme in their policies.

Centralisation of power is anti-democracy because it adds extra layers of government. For example, the European court of justice can override the decisions of the countries’ elected governments. Many of the EU leaders were not elected, but rather appointed. Plus, these appointed leaders are chosen because their political views align with the direction of travel. This is certainly not democracy.

Justification for More Power

This similar pattern often occurs. Their plans or policies are not working, so instead of admitting that they were wrong, they blame the fact that their plans were not implemented properly due to a lack of control and power. So, what they need is more control, and more power. This creates a more authoritarian and more tyrannical government.       

Power corrupts, Lord Acton Quote.

When they still fail, they turn to scapegoating other groups of people. Of course, they cannot blame themselves, they have too much ego, and they are engaged in too much delusion and self-preservation.

Extreme Arrogance

There is an extreme arrogance and ignorance in those who support centralized power. They are saying that they know how best to organise society and, in fact, the world. They are telling people how they should live, how they should think, and what they should value. Their arrogance stems from their ignorance. This is the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Benefits of Decentralization

Decentralization naturally limits the size of a government, therefore limiting the damage that it can do through bad policies and social experiments. Also, psychopaths are known to desire power, so limiting their power is obviously a good thing.

Social experiments

Decentralization can help to maintain stability by giving people a choice. People who are conservatively minded tend to value traditions, and they are less likely to be interested in cultural diversity. These people like law, order, barriers and borders, and they value a more capitalist economic system. Then you have those who are the opposite of this.

Decentralization also enables the opportunity to see what social, political, and economic system works best. It also gives people the ability to move and vote with their feet. America is a good example of this. Some states are run by republicans, and some by democrats. This is also why America works as a country, because each individual state has a lot of control over how they function, politically and socially.

Final Comments

We are very much in the middle of a powerful attempt at creating a centralized government. The whole thing is one big political and social experiment. Fear is being used to scare people into going with their world plans. For example, doomsday predictions of climate change. Political opposition is being demonised; this, along with the centralization of power, erodes democracy.

The ignorant, the incredibly arrogant, and the power crazed, some of whom are likely psychopaths, are trying to control and change the world. From what I can tell, they are doing more harm than good.

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