Sociopath vs Psychopath what’s the Difference?

Sociopath vs psychopath what’s the difference? They’re often confused with each other. However, there are differences. This article explains the differences and traits of the Sociopath and Psychopath.

Sociopath vs Psychopath what’s the Difference

Sociopaths and psychopaths are very similar and share many similar traits. Psychopaths are considered to be sociopaths with more extreme traits. Antisocial personality disorder is a term used in the medical profession, rather than using the labels of sociopath or psychopath.

Sociopath & Psychopath Similarities

Both lack a moral compass and find it difficult to consider the feelings of others. They see others as a ways and means to get what they want only. Manipulation tactics are often used to achieve a desired outcome. They often do well in business as they will do whatever it takes to get that promotion, including stepping on others to get what they want.


In movies and fiction, sociopaths, especially psychopaths are often the villain of the story, often shown as a criminal or cold blooded killer. The truth is only a very small minority are like the stereo typical psychopathic killer. The vast majority just lack that moral and ethical center, or a lack of empathy or of a conscience.

What is a Sociopath?

A sociopath is someone that doesn’t feel much empathy or remorse for others, with the exception of family members or perhaps someone else they have a strong bond with. It’s rarer than the average person but sociopaths can develop strong bonds with others.

Sociopaths don’t pretend to care, they are more obvious with how they feel, or don’t feel. They can be short tempered with little care or thought considering if they have offended someone.

A sociopath may feel bad if they do something wrong, but it won’t stop them from doing it again.

What is a Psychopath?

A psychopath has no conscience, it doesn’t matter what they do, they don’t feel bad. They don’t feel guilty no matter what they do, and they never consider the feelings of others.

Cognitive bias, don't judge a whole story quote.

Psychopaths are good at faking emotions, pretending that they care when the reality is they could care less. Psychopaths are often calculating and cold hearted.

Psychopaths are often fearless, the part of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear, the Amgdala is likely to be suppressed or none functional. They’re likely to be reckless thrill-seekers with no regard for their own safety and/or the safety of others.

Psychopaths can appear very social, friendly and even caring. However, they fake these traits for the purpose of manipulation, all with aim of getting what they want. Often psychopaths will over compensate and play the nice, social, caring card with too much enthusiasm, which can give away their true intentions and motivations.

A Psychopaths reaction to images or videos of blood or violence is often different than the regular person. These images may cause distress and increase blood pressure in the ordinary person. However, for the psychopath, it may actually cause a calming, perhaps relaxing effect.

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