Signs of High Intelligence?

What are some of the most common signs that people with high intelligence possess? Can you relate to any of these signs?

Signs of high intelligence.

Some of these traits may be obvious. However, some will not be so obvious. Those with learning difficulties and mental disorders will also influence how well someone performs on tasks and intelligence tests.

If you can relate to all or the majority of these, then you might be highly intelligent.

Signs of High Intelligence?

Quick learners

Being able to learn things quickly is connected to high fluid intelligence. This speed of different learning will really show itself with more complex tasks.


They are naturally curious, they want to understand things and how they work. This will result in not just greater general knowledge, but also more depth of knowledge and comprehension.

Good Memory – Working Memory

Highly intelligent people will often have a good memory. They will be able to remember things that others have long forgotten. They will generally be better at remembering details and events.

They will also often have a higher working memory. This allows them to hold multiple ideas in their minds simultaneously. Those with a high working memory are often prolific day dreamers.

Fewer friends

When you head towards the extremes of intelligence, you move further away from the majority. This simply means it’s more difficult to relate to the majority. It will be more difficult to find people that want to talk about the same subjects and that have the same values. They will likely find the majority of people to be superficial and petty.

Ego and knowledge. Albert Einstein quote.

Open to Suggestion

Highly intelligent people are better at keeping an open mind. They genuinely want to know things, and this thirst for knowledge will often override their ego. They will be interested in different ideas, and they will be willing to change their minds when new evidence comes to light. 

Idea Machine

They will often be thinking in more lateral ways and will be looking for different ways of doing things. Ideas will simply pop into their heads without even trying. Elon Musk says that his mind is like this, and it can be difficult for him to turn it off.


Those with high intelligence often seek out solitude so that they can engage in one of their favourite activities, which is thinking.

Art & Beauty Appreciation

Highly intelligent people often have a higher than average appreciation for art and beauty. This is also referred to as aesthetic sensitivity.


They see the world in more complexity and they are less likely to fall victim to cognitive biases, such as black and white thinking. They will naturally see the grey areas, and they will resist judging situations too quickly.

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