Social Justice Warriors (SJW) Ruining the Movie & Gaming Industries?

Are the social justice warriors (SJW) or radical feminists ruining the movie and gaming industries? I believe they’re definitely having a negative influence.

In this article I will aim to discover and look into the psychology behind this ever increasing problem.

What is the goal of the SJW?

Only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

One goal is to break certain stereotypes and encourage female empowerment. Sounds well intentioned enough, and many stereotypes are wrong, at most, many are only loosely based on the truth. The question is, how much of gender/sex differences is influenced by such things as gender stereotypes, and how much is genetic biological differences? Nature vs Nurture.

Gender stereotypes is likely to be an influencing factor within society. However, the SJW seem to believe it’s the only factor. The trouble is it’s only one of many reasons for the differences of temperaments and life choices that men and women make. Studies in personality psychology reveal temperament differences between the genders. Also see interest and personality differences between men and women.

Power of influence

The power of influence is something that is far greater than most people realize. We are influenced more than we know, from the influences of movies, advertising, and the mostly biased media. The influences can be huge.

The thing about influence is, it only works when it’s subtle and undetected. What we are seeing in the movie and gaming industry is not subtle, and very detectable. How do people respond when they know someone it trying to manipulate their thinking, and basically insulting them? Very negatively is the answer. This negativity is misinterpreted by the radical left or SJW as misogynistic, anti women, uneducated, or general right wing attitudes. This leads to the shaming and name calling tactics which leads to even more negativity and resistance to the SJW interference. All because the SJW don’t understand basic human responses, and they don’t accept the failings of their strategies.

All of these obvious attempts to change attitudes is also an indirect insult to the people you’re targeting. It’s implying that people’s attitudes are not good enough, and that something or someone needs to change and adopt the distorted views of the SJW. The patronizing and condescending messages is a big part of the problem, causing much of the backlash.

Two examples of social justice warrior interference are, the Star Wars and Battlefield franchises. Both of these franchises have received massive backlash from fans that are seeing the intervention of the social justice warriors and overall extreme left wing politics added into recent releases.

As I said before when the attempts of influence are detectable and obvious, people resist and react negativity. If they were more subtle in their attempts they probably would of gotten away with it. However, they were impatient, probably partly due to their own desires for self-importance, to feel good about themselves, narcissism and ignorance. Then they blame others for their own failures, which just makes the whole situation worse.

Target your audience

As a company you would think they would be aiming to please their loyal and overall majority audience. Take the upcoming game that is Battlefield 5, based on research, the franchise fan base is at least 97 – 99% male. Despite this, EA the company behind Battlefield 5 has decided to cater to the feminists and radical leftists instead of listening to their main consumer, causing further negativity.

Truth & Illusions Quote Nietzsche

Behind this is the belief that gender differences are only a product of influence, gender stereotypes, and basically a social construction. However, main stream science, which includes studies in neuroscience and psychological research suggests many of the differences in the genders are largely nature, biological and not a construction of society. It goes to prove even further that the social justice warriors are motivated more by feelings than facts.

They are not acting out of morality but ignorance and a need to feel important. Many resort to simple minded bully tactics when confronted by alternative views.

Are SJW ruining the movie and gaming industries?

People watch movies and play games as a form of escapism, not to have ignorant, uneducated SJW nonsense thrust in their faces. So yes, SJW are harming these industries and they don’t understand the simple principles of how influence works. I also believe there is some malicious intent behind this, they can’t all be that stupid.


I will try and summarize the issue here.

The whole narrative is that there is a problem of oppression and discrimination which is massively exaggerated. They are taking a few bad examples, and then magnifying that across the majority. Which is of course insulting the majority, due to the faulty thinking, cognitive biases and other psychological motivations of the social justice warriors.

Then people’s form of entertainment is being invaded by these people, in an attempt to solve a problem that’s completely blown out of proportion. So again, people are insulted and naturally resist.

Then you add the obvious attempts to change people’s minds or perspectives. Try and force someone to change their thinking or minds on something, and see how that goes. They will resist and react negativity, which is how people respond to forced and obvious attempts of manipulation.

They’re also telling people what they should or shouldn’t like, or accept. If people don’t like or accept it, the name calling and shaming begins, this is not how you influence people.

Then both sides start fighting against each other which all originated from a problem that never really even existed, or at most only existed in a very small minority.

“They are not banning hate speech, they’re banning speech they hate.” Elon Musk

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  1. Yes, you are right. I totally agree with you. They have an agenda. No matter what one does for them, they still get offended.

    1. The new 007 is taking it to another level. They don’t understand what made Bond so popular, so when it flops they will blame all those supposed misogynists. Everything is about race, gender and oppression to them, it’s more of a reflection of them and their twisted minds. I look forward to not watching it.

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