Celebrities: The New Gods & Nietzsche Philosophy

Looking into some of the philosophy of Nietzsche and his concerns about the demise of Christianity in the west, and who has become the new god?

The Celebrity Gods.

Despite Nietzsche being a critic of Christianity, he was also concerned about the death of Christianity in the West. Because with no God to guide people and provide moral values, many people would suffer from meaninglessness (nihilism).

This is why he believed that a few great people would have to become the new Gods. He called these people the Overman, Superman, or Ubermensch. These people would provide moral values to the masses, essentially replacing the job that God and religion once did.

God is dead. Nietzsche.

The Birth of the New Gods (Celebrities)

It started with the invention of the television in 1927. This is when western culture really started to change. Actors, musicians, and anyone on TV saw their social status levels skyrocket. Many of these people quickly became idolised by millions. Many people hung off their every word and they became very influential.

Just like the fundamentalist religious types who get angry if you disrespect their God or religion. The most devoted lunatic fans can also become hostile if their worshiped celebrity is insulted or disrespected in some way. Apparently, Taylor Swift fans can get quite outspoken, and even hostile if she is criticised.    

It was believed that the Greek gods gained their power from those who worshiped and prayed to them. This is also true for the celebrity gods. The celebrity gods can influence views on morality, political views, fashion, and other forms of expression and behaviour. Simply, they wheeled great power.

Unfortunately, however, many celebrities are not particularly enlightened, intelligent, or moral. I personally think that Nietzsche would have been horrified by modern times. His worst fears and predictions have come true. In most cases, it’s the clueless leading the clueless. However, just like with everything, there are always exceptions.

These celebrity gods mostly only promote shallow and superficial goals such as attaining social status and popularity. Celebrities themselves have been affected by a meaningless, shallow society, and they only perpetuate that even more.

There is Hope

In recent years, public intellectuals such as Jordan Peterson have risen to fame. It suggests that there are many people that are looking for something more. These people are looking for deeper and more nuanced conversations and opinions. This is also why Joe Rogan’s podcast has risen to such popularity.

These are more like the Overman, or Ubermensch, which Nietzsche hoped would impose moral values on the masses. However, in Jordan Peterson’s case, the moral values he promotes are strongly influenced by Christianity. Nietzsche was a critic of Christianity and probably would not have approved of Jordan’s decision to promote it. However, Jordan believed that Nietzsche was wrong in regards to people creating their own moral values.

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