Jordan B Peterson – Lessons & Useful Concepts Learned

This post is about listing the most interesting and useful lessons and concepts/ideas that I have learned since I became aware of Jordan B Peterson.

Mediocre minds. Albert Einstein Quote

If you don’t know who Jordan Peterson is, I highly recommend looking into him, his ideas and teachings/online lecture’s. If you have heard of Jordan Peterson in a somewhat negative way, which is sometimes how the mostly far or radical left mainstream biased media will try to portray him, I suggest actually listening to him directly.

Probably the best example of this bias is with his interview with Cathy Newman. I also recently read a few articles in The Guardian, which mostly criticizes him about some of the phases he uses, which is nothing more than pettiness.

When the authors do criticize actual ideas, they provide no source or evidence what so ever to back up the criticism. It’s just a very obvious negative perception, and they just try and distort and twist everything to suit their preconception or to push their narrative. It’s not journalism, it’s a personal attack, subjective opinion and an attempt to confirm their prejudices.

Best most interesting things I’ve learned       

Jordan Peter is not solely responsible or behind all the developments in this list, however it was because of him that I became aware them. Many other psychologists, researchers and scientists deserve credit.

Big Five Personality Traits/Aspects Scale

I have been aware and a researcher of the Myers Briggs Personality Traits for several years now. It’s a personality model that can be surprisingly accurate at describing personalities, it goes into a surprising amount of depth and accuracy is some cases.

Through JP I heard about the Big Five Traits, which of course interested me greatly. There are some similarities between the MBTI and the big five. However the big five traits is much more likely to be universally adopted, one reason for that is that it doesn’t classify people into seemingly rigid personality groups like the MBTI does.

The big five is also better at showing temperamental differences between the genders. It also explains why certain people have certain disorders or extreme traits, such as being obsessively compulsive or (OCD), which is related to the orderliness trait. The orderliness trait is also connected to disgust sensitivity, which are traits that I can relate to greatly.

Atheistic sensitivity which is related to the openness trait, and trait neuroticism, both are really relatable. Learning about all these things has improved my understanding of myself and other people immensely.   

We are the product of both nature and nurture and these five traits are part of the nature aspect of who we are.

The Shadow

C Jung The Shadow

One of my favorite concepts in psychology is the idea of the shadow, this is Jungian psychology, however I became aware of it through JP. The idea of integrating your dark side rather than denying the existence of it, it is a really interesting idea.

It’s also an idea that is very relevant in modern society as many of the social justice movements seem to be claiming the moral high ground. However it seems that many of these people, at least in part are projecting their shadow traits onto others.

Difference in interests between men and women

It’s obvious to (most) people that men and women generally have differences in interests, now we actually have studies to back it up.

Price’s Law

Price’s law was created by de solla Price. Prices law is like a law of the universe that I feel like I always new deep down.

Price’s law is, the square root of the total amount of people or employees does 50% of the work. Of course this law is not going to be fully accurate all of the time and in all areas of life. Price’s law seems to be particularly true in certain fields, such as, writing, music and in many other creative fields, or fields that require a high level of skill or talent, including certain sports.

So the minority of people that do most of the work are more likely to be successful, and this is connected to how inequality works.

While watching an interview with Jordan Peterson and Russell Brand, Jordan explains that when a person becomes successful at something, that success leads to more and more opportunities. This is a big reason why a small minority of people have all the wealth.

Evil is not elsewhere. Jordan Peterson Quote

This pattern is not just restricted to the way wealth is distributed, it seems to be one of these law’s of the universe which isn’t limited to human civilization.

Price’s Law & Inequality

Thinking in pictures or words

Whether you are a word thinker or picture thinker seems to be dependent on whether your left or right hemisphere is the most dominate. Most people can think in both words and pictures, however people tend to lean more to one than the other.

Along with temperament types, this is another great example of the differences between the minds of individuals.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I heard about Nietzsche many years ago, however I never really looked into him or his work. However now because of Jordan Peterson I have discovered the genius that Nietzsche was. He was a profound thinker, and he is one of the most interesting people that I have ever looked into.

Nietzsche Herd Morality & Conformity.

You can find out more about Jordan Peterson here.

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